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November 04, 2022

Do you need some pleasurable sexy ideas?

Give your partner new sexual ideas:
- Let him know the urgency of your desire. Instead of “I would like you to caress me there”, try “I need you to caress me there”.
- Are you going to spend the night quietly watching a movie at home? Surprise him by getting some porn!
- You are both at home doing your own thing? From another room,call him on his mobile phone, and talk to him about what you would like to do to him if he was near you. Good news, you are in the bathroom, tell him to bring his ass over here.
- One evening, take time to relate to him in detail the sexiest moment that he ever gave you. Do we bet that he will want to recommence very quickly?
- Turn the heaters on maximum. Do the same with the air humidifier. And experience love drenched in sweat. Unforgettable.
- A 69? Why not, but to spice things up a bit, you could keep your underwear on. The indirect contact will make you both even more eager.
- On a rainy day, instead of complaining about the weather, give yourselves a challenge. Beat your record by making love as many times as possible. Two? Three? Five times?
- Write words of love (or dirty ones) over your partner’s body with edible paint, then lick them off. Then tell them it is their turn…
- Dress yourself “complicated”: a top with many buttons, jeans hard to remove, and a lace-up corset. Ask him to undress you, and above all do not help him! His frustration will climb up, as well as his desire.

Show him new fantasms:
- Look into his eyes while you make love. Simple, but often overlooked…
- Give him a REAL lap dance. His hands behind his back, you stroke him with your hands, your bum, your boobs… but he is not allowed to touch you!
- Try this game in bed: caress each other, and you can do anything but penetration. The one who cracks the first and begs the other to plunge will have to prepare dinner (or do the dishes, or whatever else you would like).
- Comfortably sitting on the lounge with clothes on, talk about the sexiest hot scenes you prefer in movies. Tell them everything in detail, and why they excite you.
- Ask him to massage your feet. They are highly sensitive erogenous zones that one often neglects. The relaxation therefore might give you a better orgasm if something more carnal follows.
- Some areas of the skin are too ticklish. Go for it and caress them. Tie up your partner or gag them if necessary. The relief will be cathartic.
- Last, but not least, have you tried undies with an integrated butt plug? Or a panty vibrator with a remote or an App? A perfect way to be naughty in public, that is!

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