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November 11, 2022

Adult shops often offer a few options for affordable, low-quality lingerie pieces. These lingerie pieces fit the basic bill but rarely make women feel voluptuous, desirous, and confident. Poor sizing means that these pieces fit weirdly. Also, questionable manufacturing practices make you wonder who made your lingerie. At Funtasia, we're bringing back that feeling of being a tempting vixen. Our newest lingerie additions found at our Penrith store and online are sure to impress. To make your 2022 holiday gift shopping easier, we're here to tell you about our luxurious new collections. 

When it comes to sexy lingerie, it's best to choose quality over quantity. Comfortable, sexy pieces can be worn day in and day out. That's why we've introduced several new lines of quality erotic lingerie. It makes the perfect gift for any occasion, especially the holiday season.

MarieMur Hot Lingerie

One of our most popular lingerie collections has been created by MarieMur. These pieces are designed to "show off our uniqueness because being yourself is the way to true happiness." 

MariMur offers unique pieces that are erotic and daring combinations of leather and lace. 

One of our favourite sets is theKara Leather Full body set in Red. It has everything you need to make for an unforgettable evening. 

It's a one-piece full-body harness with thick straps allowing for total comfort under your partner's favourite dress. With nickel-plated accessories and leather from Italy, they're undoubtedly amazing pieces. These luxurious sets that will feel like a second skin. 

We love this as a gift because the full-body set comes with everything you need in one package. The adjustable sizing means your partner can get that customised fit as if she tried it on herself. 

Looking for something a little more delicate? The Ana Corset in Black is sure to impress. It's slightly less revealing, making it an ideal option to wear on a night out. With completely functional suspenders, your corset will look stunning with the perfect pair of thigh-highs. 

MarieMur has become a popular option for our shoppers. The stunning and extraordinary combination of materials and quality makes it a memorable piece.

Edge-O-Beyond Fantasy Lingerie

Now, this is an extraordinary brand. Funtasia is the only retailer in Australia that has Edge-O-Beyond products. They have become world-famous from features in Vogue and Cosmopolitan

Edge-O-Beyond offers a wide size range sure to suit nearly any body type. So if your sweetie is curvy with large breasts, Edge-O-Beyond will have something for her. 

Each piece is handmade by artisans in Wales, England, at retail labour prices. That means your hot lingerie is ethically sourced. Your purchase supports real people.

It's also a black-owned company. So if your sweetie has ethics on her mind, this is the brand you're looking for. 

Every piece of the Edge-O-Beyond collection features 18-karat gold fastenings and accessories. They're made from Italian silk and French lace. Their motto is "it's what's underneath that counts." 

Some of our favourite sets are the Charlotte en Rouge. It has several pieces, so you get the exact look you're after. 

The combination of the bra, thong, and waspie waist pieces make for a striking look that will suit your favourite thigh-highs. One of our lingerie models wore this set during Sydney Sexpo 2022 and felt comfortable all day long. No adjustments, no awkward slippage, just perfect comfort.

Another stunning 3-piece set our lingerie models loved wearing all day at Sexpo was the Abi Amethyst. This light purple set is really something distinct. It's excellent for any skin tone and offers a feminine and fully customisable look. 

Edge-O-Beyond is a stunning line that will make your partner feel expensive and high-class.

Lingadore Sexy Lingerie

Lingadore lingerie offers a more affordable lingerie option without compromising on quality. Started in 2005 east of the Netherlands, this is a family brand inside and out. It was founded by the Mendels Fashion Group, and they stay true to their Dutch heritage. 

What's different about Lingadore is that many of their sexy lingerie pieces are designed to be worn daily. That way, your lover can feel irresistible day in and day out. 

At such an affordable price point, it makes feeling tantalising every day a real option.

Some of our favourite pieces are the Lingadore sexy red bra and briefs. They're a perfect option for a steamy date night. They can be worn secretly underneath the clothing to empower your partner before their next big meeting. 

For gift shopping, we always recommend one-pieces wherever possible. It removes a lot of guesswork for the gift-giver!

That's why we love the Lingadore sexy black/nude bodysuit. With delicate lace details and stunning cutouts on the side, this piece is comfy enough to sleep in and wear all day long. 

Erotic Lingerie at Funtasia

As you may have noticed, Funtasia is moving towards the lingerie part of the sexy spectrum. We know how challenging finding sexy lingerie can be. That's why we offer so many options at our Penrith store. From Edge-o-Beyond to Lingadore, there's a perfect gift for everyone. So come in, feel the material between your fingers and have our Sexpert staff help you with sizing. 

You'll be sure to make your 2022 holiday gift shopping easier.


Get out there, Get in there, and Get off there!


Elaine S. Turner

Resident Sexologist | Sex, Dating, & Relationship Coach | Pleasure Product Guru

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