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October 11, 2022

Delay Products - what you need to know. 


Firstly let's begin with there is no shame in using them!! Who doesn’t want to maximize their fun time?!? 

Secondly, let's discuss the use, how to use delay spray/gel/cream is crucial to getting the most out of the product. In this case, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, which can result in stinging, burning, or loss of erection (no one wants that!). You do not want to be overexposed to this product it serves no purpose. You should start small and adjust as required following directions is important here, most products like the Stud Dark Horse delay gel – apply a small amount allow 15min, and remember it is for topical use only so before beginning give the area a little wipe down this will also give you an idea of its effectiveness …. Too sensitive to the wipe down add a tiny bit more. This last tip might not be on all the products yet is highly recommended as it serves to prevent numbing your partner while we want the penis to be delayed, we need the entryway ready, nice and moist(oh yeah I have been looking forward to working that into a blog for weeks!) 

Thirdly, let's circle back to the variety of product types available, in the store we have Stud 100 which is a handy tiny but mighty male delay spray 3 sprays and you are good to go. JO -who also brings you female stimulation and arousal gels along with an epic variety of lubes, also provides an excellent ProLonger gel in three strengths. Apply a small amount to the desired area, wait 7-10min and playtime begins. It's also in different strengths for more options in reaching your full potential.


This product is a great way to extend and maximize your play time, as with all products they will work differently for everyone the main the to remember is to start small and work your way up 😉 


Come in-store to any of your local Funtasia stores or jump online and see what we have to offer you today!

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