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November 24, 2022

Hey there lovers and lusters! It's that time of year again! Your shopping lists are getting longer, and your bank account balance is shrinking with each purchase. Don't worry. We've got you covered! Our Black Friday Australia deals this year will leave a smile on your face and some money in your pocket.

To ensure your shopping experience is simple, we have offers for penis owners, vulva owners, and everyone! And they're all from one of the sex toy brands we trust the most, Satsifyer.

Black Friday Australia Deal 2022 - Satisfyer Promotion

We're here to make your life easier and more pleasurable. That's why we're focusing all of our discount power on one of the world's most popular sex toy brands, Satisfyer.

As one of the world's most reputable sex toy brands, you must know a bit more about them.


About Satisfyer

Founded in Germany in 2016, this brand aims to "enable the most satisfying sexual experience." And that is something they have 100% delivered. Focusing on sexual wellness, they release roughly 200 innovative products each and every year.

Many of their toys come with an award-winning application, Satisfyer Connect. This app enables long-distance lovers and strangers to connect and play together. Ideal for those who work in the sex work industry, this app makes connecting and staying close over a distance easy. 

Satisfyer boasts of winning 430 International Design Awards to date. They also offer a 15-year guarantee, meaning you'll buzz into the next decade with your Black Friday Australia deal!

What You Need on Your Christmas List

We curated a speciality list of Black Friday Australia deals for you. That way, you're not overwhelmed by the possibilities (you may be anyways.)

We've chosen a few ideal products for penises, vulvas, and everyone. That way, we've got something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a naughty gift for your husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend. 

Top Sex Toys for Penis-owners 2022

While many of these are designed to go on or with a penis, don't forget dildos count, too! You can slap a vibrating cock ring on just about anything and improve your experience!

No matter who you're shopping for, we've got a little something for everyone.


Men's Heat Vibration $59.99 

Regular Retail Price$119.99

Buy it now!

The Men's Heat Vibration is a masturbator with comfort in mind. This unique type of pocket pussy is not only discreet but self-heating!

Designed to target just the head of the penis, it combines intense vibrations with heat.

Made from body-friendly silicone, it's safe to share with a friend and super easy to clean!

Choose from any of the 11 vibration programs using its simple and intuitive on/off +/- buttons. It makes it easy to control with just one hand. It's totally shower and bathtub safe and, of course, USB rechargeable. 


Royal One Ring (app) $44.99

Regular Retail Price $64.99

Buy it now!

A cock ring with an app?!

That's right.

Satisfyer has integrated its innovative technology into a vibrating cock ring. Which is entirely optional to use. It also has simple buttons on the surface to make your pleasure simple. Of course, it's waterproof and made from body-friendly silicone, so it's safe to share and wear! 

Cock rings are great for so many things that we've covered them extensively in other blog posts. But as a quick recap:

  • Cock rings help your penis feel and look larger.
  • Cock rings help delay orgasm.
  • Cock rings help intensify your orgasm.
  • Vibrating cock rings are ideal for penetration play as they stimulate the clitoris or the anal opening.
  • Vibrating cock rings can be added to a dildo to instantly make it a vibrating dildo.

So there's very little downside to cock rings other than that they don't grow on trees! But considering this is app compatible and fully rechargeable, we're practically giving them away.

While these toys can be used during masturbation and solo sex, they're also great for sharing with a partner. Masturbators are a great way to get your engines going before having sex, and cock rings mean you'll be able to last longer. Talk about a very merry Christmas! 

Top Sex Toys for Vulva-owners 2022

There are hundreds of thousands of toys for vulva owners.

The clitoris is the main focus for so many reasons. But many fail to realise that vibrators can be used anywhere on your body. They're a powerful tool that can help with pleasure mapping or stimulating new parts of the body. So get creative with these!

Cutie Heart $44.99

Regular Retail Price$69.99

Buy it now in light blue!

Buy it now in dusty pink!

If you're even vaguely aware of the sex toy market, you'll have heard of the Pro 2+ Vibration by Satisfyer. It's a tried and true clit sucking toy that has revolutionised vulva pleasure in the last decade. But for many, it's an intimidating toy to try, and also, it's limited to just one actual function.

Enter the Cutie Heart from Satisfyer. It features the same Air Pulse technology that made the Pro 2+ famous in the first place. But it comes with the bonus of the whole adorable love-heart toy being a vibrator!

That means you can choose the stimulation you want that day.

Vibration or sucking?

Maybe both?

Definitely both.

The vibrator makes arousal and clitoral erections come quickly. And the sucking vibrator helps you… well, cum quickly as well!

Especially if you're new to the idea of sucking vibrators, this is the best entry-level one to choose from. 


Ultra Power Bullet 8 $44.99

Regular Retail Price $69.99

Buy it now in lilac!

Buy it now in turquoise!

We love how cute the Ultra Power Bullet 8 is. So unassuming and inconsequential looking. And yet, it's also app compatible!

The small, quiet, powerful motor means that every touch will be packed with precise control of your pleasure. It's got a nice, firm tip on it so that you can have exact control over what you're stimulating at all times. 

If you're not a tech person, don't worry. You can use the buttons on the surface to control your pleasure. But if you like a highly-customised experience, use the Bluetooth on your phone to pair it up! You can get off to your favourite songs and make precise patterns that will bring you where you want to go the most. 

Top Sex Toys for Anyone 2022

Pretty much all sex toys are for everyone and any body. But we've got a few more options for those who want something different. Something a little spicier for Black Friday Australia 2022. 


Elastic Game & Elastic Joy $49.99 

Regular Retail Price$84.99

Buy the Elastic Joy in deep violet!

Buy the Elastic Game in dark blue!

While these two toys have different names, they're the same product overall. These toys feature two super strong motors, meaning you can use either end for anything. They're fully waterproof, easy to clean, and totally rechargeable. But that's just the basics. What's really cool about these toys is what they can be used for. 

Now don't get overwhelmed. These do A LOT of stuff. More than usual. So here's a little inspiration for how to use these innovative toys:

  • Insert it straight into the vagina as a traditional internal vibrator. Complete with a finger hold through the loop.
  • As a traditional clitoral vibrator, you can bring the two tips together to give your clit some love.
  • As a typical C-shaped vibrator for partners. One end goes into the vagina or anus, while the other rests on the clit or anal opening. This still leaves plenty of room for a partner to get inside!
  • It can be spread open and used as a vibrating cock ring!
  • It can be spread open and used as a nipple stimulator.
  • It can be inserted into the anus (keep a bend in it for safety, please!)

And SO much more. A diagram inside the box outlines the dozen-plus ways you can use this toy.

If you want it all and don't want to choose, this is the sex toy for you. 


Plug-Ilicious 2 (app) $49.99 

Regular Retail Price $109.99

Buy it now in black!

Buy it now in berry!

Everyone has an anus! And nearly everyone has a smartphone, so this may be the vibrating butt plug for you! Yes, it can be paired with the Satisfyer Connect application. That way you can buzz around town with someone else in control!

It has two powerful motors, one at the tip and one at the base. That way, your perineum and anus can both be stimulated together! About the size of the plug, this is a happy medium. It's rechargeable and made from body-safe silicone, unlike many other butt plugs on the market. This will be an unforgettable addition to anyone's sex toy collection.


Black Friday Deals Australia 2022

Now that you've gotten all these delicious vibrating deals on your Christmas list, you can start shopping! Or better yet, send them to someone else, so they know what to get you this year. 

Our Black Friday deals in Australia are personalised to what we know our customers want. This year we've got a little something for everyone. If you're going to check some of these out in person, come down to one of our three locations. That way you can find out if these Black Friday Australia deals are right for you.

Get out there, get in there, and get off there!

Elaine S. Turner


Resident Sexologist | Sex, Dating, & Relationship Coach | Pleasure Product Guru

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