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July 12, 2022

This is my favourite customer!! I love being a part of someone's journey to self-pleasure or even couple play!! Firstly how exciting, it is truly amazing to be able to help you find your new best friend, that thing you can count on no matter what – and with Funtasia's 12-month warranty, you know you can rely on it! Also, generally speaking, manufacturers will have their own warranty on their products like Satisfyer has a 15, yes 15-year warranty on their motors!

Of course, this can be super overwhelming, but that's where we come in to help you look, think, be comfortable and discover what will be the best fit for YOU. There are some incredible options out there and many super popular ones. My advice K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple SEXY!! You do not want to be so overwhelmed by functions that you can't enjoy your new toy. You also won't want to be in pain and need to replace your best friend instantly. Also, in this case, size does count.

Now I won't overload you with too much here, but there are some key things to think of when purchasing an adult toy. Firstly the material in which the toy is made is critical. You want a product that is body-safe, durable and easy to clean! Vive has an excellent range with options to keep toy use simple or W.O.W., while also being great colours, body-safe, waterproof and easy to clean. This range comes with options great for couple play and solo use.

At Funtasia, we like everyone to feel included, we have a great range of cock rings in various sizes and budgets, and we have an entire Oxballs Night Edition to meet your needs; also body-safe, waterproof and easy to clean. My favourite saying in the shop is when partners come in, and one says, "well, what about me? There are heaps for them but not so much for me", I remind them our only limitations with these toys is our mind!! – With that, let's remember our bodies are greedy and handles or stoppers on toys are a great way to avoid the potential loss of a toy. Ouch! Have a great range of beginner toys that are safe and trusted.

Before you go, just some quick things to avoid, porous materials. If you can't see what a product is made of, leave it out. Ladies, everyone loves a fun flavoured lube – however, this will mess with your P.H. level, so please clean up after. Gent's cock rings give you are great feeling, but please don't wear them for longer than 20min at a time. It's important not to mess with your natural flow for too long.

Most importantly, the one thing we here at Funtasia want you to know is that whatever your desire for a toy is terrific, we are here to help answer any questions, and if we can't answer your question, we will endeavour to find the answers for you! Ok, so now you know the basics pop on into one of our three stores across N.S.W. and let one of our Sexperts assist you today!

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