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June 11, 2021

What is the pelvic floor?
Why is the pelvic floor important?
What are Kegel exercises?
What can I do to make my erections stronger?
What can I do to have more intense orgasms?

You've probably heard of Kegel exercises before. If you haven't, then stop what you're doing! Kegel exercises are one way to strengthen your pelvic floor. This area holds a lot of responsibility in your sex life and otherwise. 

What is the Pelvic Floor?

All genders have apelvic floor,which plays an essential role in your daily life and sex life. 

The pelvic floor is often likened to a sling that holds all of your pelvic organs in place. 

It's a group of muscles that stretch from your genital opening to your anus.

They're responsible for bladder control, bowel control, childbirth, ejaculations, and erections. That's a lot of responsibility! 

Men: How a Strong Pelvic Floor Improves Your Sex Life

When you think of pelvic floor exercises, you tend to think about women. However,studies have shown thatpelvic floor exercises can help improve your sexual life as well!

  • Getting and Maintaining Erections: Studies have shown that men who regularly do pelvic floor strengthening exercises can experience and maintain erections better as they age. They're also the top-recommended treatments for men who have erectile dysfunction.
  • Orgasms and Ejaculation: When you experience ejaculation, parts of your genitals contract and relax to release your ejaculate. When you strengthen your pelvic floor, you'll experience a more intense orgasm overall.
  • Pelvic Pain: You may be surprised to hear that pelvic pain, especially during or after ejaculation. Pelvic floor exercises have been shown to help relieve the pain that you may be experiencing. 

Men: Other Reasons to do Pelvic Floor Exercises

You may want to add pelvic floor exercises to your workout routine because they play a crucial role inbladder and bowel control. As you age, your pelvic floor muscles will naturally weaken, meaning you may experienceincontinence. Keeping them in shape will help ensure that you don't have any accidents.

Pelvic floor health is also crucial to recovering after you've had prostate surgery.

Women: How a Strong Pelvic Floor Improves Your Sex Life

Increasing your pelvic floor strength can have a massive,positive impact on your sex life!

  • Increasing Sexual Arousal: Doing regular pelvic floor exercises will increase the amount of blood flow to your genitals. This increased circulation will help you on your arousal path, meaning you'll get turned on faster!
  • Increased Vaginal Relaxation: Having a strong pelvic floor means that you'll have better control over the muscles in your pelvis. Your vagina will have an easier time tenting, or opening up, meaning that you'll be able to take on bigger things.
  • Help with Vaginal Pain: Countless women suffer from painful sex, commonly referred to asvaginismus. Having a strong pelvic floor can help you relax your vagina, making penetration easier.
  • Easier Orgasm: Many of your pelvic floor muscles are involved in your orgasm. Having increased strength in this area means that you'll experience orgasm more quickly, and they'll be more intense!
  • Increase Wetness: While we always advocate for the use of lubrication, having a strong pelvic floor, which increases circulation, will help you createtransudate or vaginal lubrication

Women: Other Reasons to do Pelvic Floor Exercises

Much like with men, your pelvic floor plays a considerable role in bladder and bowel control. To help avoid incontinence as you age, do your exercises.

Also, unlike the men, women who intend on having a child and experiencing childbirth are always encouraged to start doing their pelvic floor exercises early and often. They'll help you recover from the process of birth and help your muscles return to their original shape and place. 

How do I get my Pelvic Floor in Shape?

While these exercises are generally suitable for everyone, make sure to speak with your doctor if you experience any pain, discomfort or if you're recovering from surgery. 

Method One: Kegel Exercises

The obvious one isKegel exercises. These are super simple to do. You can start doing them while you read this article! 

  • Imagine that you're urinating. Flex the muscles that you use to stop the flow of urine
  • Squeeze these muscles for about 3-5 seconds
  • Relax the muscles for another 3-5 seconds
  • Repeat at least 15 times

That's one set of Kegels! Congratulations! Both men and women should do these exercises about three times per day.

Women are often told to imagine they're picking up a pea with their genitals. Whereas men, you can see the penis and scrotum lift when they're doing Kegel exercises. 

As you gain additional strength, you'll notice that you can hold your Kegel flex for more extended periods.

Method Two: Squeeze and Release

Very similar to Kegel Exercises, you'll use the same muscle group again.

This time, you'll want to squeeze as tightly as possible, then release and relax for 3-5 seconds. Do this about 10-20 times total, then again once or twice more throughout the day.

Method Three: Kegel Balls 

Geisha balls, love balls, jiggle balls... these products go by many names.

So, why work hard when a product is already designed to help you do your pelvic floor exercises? Kegel balls are usually only intended to be used by women. 

They're one or two small, weighted balls attached to a (hopefully) silicone string with a loop at one end, making them easy to remove.

Check out theBloom by We-Vibe if you're not familiar with Kegel balls. 

Just cover them withwater-based lube, insert them and move about your day! You should wear them for about thirty minutes to an hour daily to get the maximum benefits. 

Many Kegel balls have multiple weights and styles in each package, like theLove balls from Satisfyer. The various sets are to move up in weight as you increase your pelvic floor strength, providing a new challenge.

Method Three Part Two: Ben Wa Balls

Ben wa balls are the very advanced version of Kegel balls. They're usually two or more small glass or metal balls designed to be put into the vagina.

Again, like Kegel balls, they're intended to be worn for extended periods to help increase pelvic floor strength.

However, these are for the advanced crew. Since Ben Wa balls are small and slippery, they can easily fall out. So maybe don't use them during an important business meeting just yet. 

To improve your sex life today by getting into a pelvic floor routine! You can add them into your by doing them while you brush your teeth, while you're in the shower, or as a form of meditation before bed. 

Get out there, Get in there, and Get off there!

Elaine S. Turner

Sex Coach, Sexual Wellness Brand Consultant, and Sexuality Writer


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