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The right way to choose, use a penis pump properly and cost

What is a penis pump?

In a quick definition it is a device that you can use to increase increase ‘pump’ you penis size.

It was a medical device developed by health care professionals then slowly makes it way into adult stores across the globe.

As the internet increase in popularity, we have seen a huge surge in men’s looking for ways to increase their penis size. The main cause for this is the availability of porn online. Men’s watch porn and they are obsessed with the porn star’s size and will try to mimic this in their real life.

Females also have a curiosity after watching porn and want to ‘try’ out a bigger penis.

As we go further into this Funtasia article, detailed of the most common question are answered.

How to get a bigger penis?

The only way to get a bigger penis is using a penis pump along with a cock ring. You can either use a ‘wet’ or a dry pump.

Wet pump need water, it used the pumping action to release water inside the champers to create a vacuum affect, hence create pressure and increase blood flow and muscle size.

A Dry penis pump use air, it’s either a ball, trigger or electric pump. Draws air out to create a vacuum and create a pressure to increase blood flow and muscle size.

There are programs you follow to use a penis pump safely here, read down below

When using this program you should start to see increase in size after 6 to 8 weeks.

How to get a harder erection?

There is no magic trick to get a harder erection. When using a penis pump and an additional cock ring, you can keep a rock hard erection for longer.

A penis pump would increase your penis size to the desire long and girth, once you are happy with the result then slide in the cock ring. This will keep your erection and maintain the size which having intercourse.

How to put on a cock ring while using a penis pump

This is the most important question is this article. We have lots of emails asking how I put on a cock ring after I pump my penis.

The best way to put on a cock ring when using a penis pump is to stretch your cock ring enough to fit outside the chamber. You will need to purchase a very good silicone cock ring for this exercise. Good quality silicone cock ring does not lose its shape when you stretch it, it should bounce back to the same size.

Once you pump your penis to desire size, release the air in the penis chamber then slide the cock ring on the tube down onto the penis.

Doing this way you don t need to wait until you pull the pump away from your penis then out on the cock ring. You do not loose and length this you just gained. The quicker a cock ring is placed on the penis after the pump session the better.


How to maintain an erection?

There is a whole section on cock rings, click here should you need more information click

For any guys out there that needs help with maintaining an erection then read on. There is are many useful information on this forum to assist you.

Cock ring is an obvious product you can use, there are also herbal pills and tablets. Like some of the male enhancer tablets we have here.

A penis pump is a very good tool to help with stimulate muscles and blood flow into the penis, hence you will get a harder erection and be able to maintain it longer.

 How to increase my penis size?

This is one of the top search on the internet. Everyone wants a bigger penis, and if you are here reading this article the chances that you are also looking at increase your penis size.

There are creams and pills on the internet that claims to help with increase penis size but it’s all a hoax. We have tried and tested many over the past 20 years and there is so far nothing on the market that would increase your penis size.

The only product that can increase your penis size is a penis pump. To start you need to choose the right penis pump for you and your size.

Always make sure the penis pump is the right size, if you have a small penis make sure to go for a beginner’s pump. Like this beginner’s pump we have on the website

Most beginner’s pump starts with a 7inch Tube and a 2.5 to 3.5inch width. This will give you enough space to be comfortable and allows enough pressure to build up in the chamber when pumping.

Does penis pump works?

The penis pump works by drawing the air or water if you are using a wet pump out of the penis champers. This creates a vacuum effect, hence draws more blood and open up the veins and muscle in your penis. This result in a large penis.

Manual penis pump

There are 3 parts to a standard manual penis pump

  1. The penis chamber
  2. The pump trigger or bulb pump
  3. The tube and release valve connects the pump to the penis chamber

The main disadvantage of using a manual pump is your hand will get tired and you will not be able to get the pressure you want.


Electric/Automatic penis pump

In an automatic or electric penis pump all the parts are integrated into the control module. All you need is battery and the pump motor does all the work for you. Works just like a vacuum

The best this about an electric penis pump is that you can sit back and relax and watch while your penis is increase in size

What type of penis pump is available?

There are 2 types of penis pump currently available on the market.

Dry penis pump

A dry penis pump use air press to stimulate and encourage blood flow to the penis, open the veins and increase muscle size. AS the air is pumped out of the penis chamber, its creates a vacuum and the pressure is high enough the veins and the penis muscle will increase in size.

 Wet Penis pump

A wet penis pump use water pressure. The same way like using an air pressure pump.

  1. Full the tube with warm water. Prefer to do this in the shower or over a bucket.
  2. Placed your penis into the tube
  3. Push it against your body to create a toque pressure to push the water out of the chamber, hence create a vacuum and increase the penis size

Wet penis pump tend to give you quicker result because using warm water helps the mussel to relax and expands up to 20% more then with air vacuum.


What is the difference between dry and wet penis pump

Dry or air penis pump uses a hand pump to create a vacuum, hence inflates the penis size

Wet penis pump uses water and water pressure to create a vacuum to inflate the penis size

How much does a penis pump cost?

Penis pumps can start from $30AUD to $500AUD for the top of the range. Cheaper penis pump made from thin cheap plastics, pumps and connectors does not hold strong air pressure and may experience air leakage.

Expensive penis pumps made from better quality material, the pump module is stronger and the connectors and seals are made from high quality silicone and rubber. It will last long and will have less air leakages and strong vacuums suctions.

How much can I increase my penis with a pump?

The increase in size is all depends on individuals. Just like going to the gym, some people will gain faster than others.

On average you should see result after 6 to 8 weeks, and have a gain of about half centimeter and girth about a quarter centimeter. To have a more permanent and better gain, you need to follow your penis pump programs.

You can see all the penis pumps programs here

Are a penis pump safe to use?

Penis pumps are safe to use but you need to be careful, always seek medical advice from a health care professional before using a penis pump.

If any pain exist while using a penis pump, you should seek your health care professional immediately.

If there is any pain exist after using a penis pump, you should seek your health care professional immediately.

IF you have any concerns about using your penis pump, you should seek your heal care professional immediately.

I have problems with erection after using penis pump

If you are having problems after using a penis pump you should stop immediately and seek your health care professional.

There are many reason why you may experience erections problems:

  1. You have pump too hard and burst a blood vessel
  2. You have damage your mussel
  3. You don’t have enough rest between pump routines
  4. You have internal bleeding

For people with high blood pressure and on medications, it is not recommended to use a penis pump.

What are the main benefits of a penis pump

The main benefit using a penis pump is a tool to helping prostate cancer patients who go through prostate removal surgeries. This is a more natural alternative to pills and tablets they have to take to enable and erections. Some of these patients is already on enough tablets and the more tablets you take the more side affect you will experience.

Many men’s have turn to penis pump for help to gain an erections, gain size, and to maintain an erection of they are having problems keeping an erection for long period.

For many people who can take erectile dysfunction tablets, a penis pump acts as a booster to help their performance even better. The penis will be bigger, the erection will be harder and longer.


Does my penis growth be permanent using a penis pump

Just like going into the gym, if you continue to train, your mussel will get bigger and remains big and hard. If you stop going to the gym, the muscle mass decrease in size.

The idea behind the penis pump is the same, you try to use the penis pump and once you have reach the length and girth that you are happy then slowly decrease the amount of session per week.

For example, if you are doing 4 penis pump sessions a week. To maintain the size you can drop down to two session or just one session of penis pump per week.

But if you stop using the penis pump totally, then you will go back to your original size.

Does it feel good using a penis pump?

A lot of men’s do find it satisfying using a penis pump, about 50% can climax using a penis pump.

Most men’s just feel satisfying see the size of their penis increase, that’s is enough pleasure.

Does it hurt using a penis pump?

Using a penis pump should not be painful. If you are using a penis pump and experience pain, you should seek your health care professional immediately.

For beginners, you should but a low pressure penis pump to practice. The Vacuum suction is not too strong and it gives you an idea how your body works and how your penis reacts to a penis pump.

Once you are comfortable then buy an advanced penis pump, where the pressure is stronger and the champers is larger where you can really increase the pressure to create a stronger vacuum and increase your penis size larger.

Can I use a penis pump with prostate problems?

About 90% of men’s required the help you penis pumps after having their prostate remove. There are medications that your doctors can subscribe but a more natural and cheaper options is using a penis pump.

Penis Pump can stimulate and help to push the blood into the veins inside you penis and expand those muscles to enable an erection.

As many of you would know, after prostate surgery some people might not have a normal erection ever again. So the use of penis pump is normal.

You must create a clear communication between you and your partner, maybe use a penis pump as part of your foreplay. Just like pussy pumps and breast pumps, they are widely used in fetish play.

Can I use a penis pump to help erection dysfunction?

Yes, a large number of erectile dysfunction (ED) sufferers turns to penis pump as a tools to help stimulate for penis and encourage blood flow and muscle expansion in the penis.

We have sold thousands of penis pump over the past 40 years to ED patience’s


Is a penis pump the best product to fix erection problems

By far penis pump is the best product to fix erection problems other than Viagra or other subscription drugs.

Also Subscription drugs can give you lots of different side’s effects such as headache, block nose, running nose, nausea, and night sweat, and high blood pressure, loss of appetite, dizziness and fatigue

What are side effects of using penis pump?

There are not many side effects but the only thing you have to remember is if you are experience high blood pressure and are on any medications. You need to consult with your healthcare professional before using a penis pump.

When using a penis pump you need to watch the pressure very carefully and adjust it according to your body. If you feel any discomfort then reduce the pressure.

You should not feel and pain or discomfort when using a penis pump.

If you do experience any pain or discomfort and pain persist, please see your health care professional.


Does a penis pump give me a harder erection?

Penis pump can increase your penis size and also assist if building your muscle, hence a result of larger and harder penis.

You need to use it over a period of about 6 to 8 weeks to see result. Please see our section on penis pump programs to see sets of recommend programs to help you to achieve your desire penis size.

Most of the time people are using a cock ring also to asset with longer lasting erection. You can read here on our article about cock rings.

Can I still have orgasm after using a penis pump?

You can still use your penis functions normally after the penis pump. In fact some user experience a better climax after using penis pump because it is now more sensitive.


How long does the erection last after using penis pump

This depends on every individual. An average erection last about 30 mins or until you climax. There are things like cream, sprays and cock rings that can help you to hold your erection for longer period.

Check out this list delay creams and delay sprays can assist you last longer in bed

How long do I need to use a penis pump before I can see gain?

An average user will see result after 6 to 8 weeks.

Result can varies from people due to everybody is different. But you can expect about half a centimetre in about 6 to 8 week in length and a quarter centimetre in girth.

If you continue with a strict programs penis pump regime you can expect a full centimetre length and a half centimetre girth in about 4 to 5 month.

It can be dangerous if you rush and do not follow pumping program. It’s more important to have rest day then always pumping. Over pump can damage your muscle and damage your veins. It can also cause internal bleeding.

How would my partner feel about me using penis pump

Communication is the key, always speak to your partner and let them you that you want to use a penis pump. Tell them that you enjoy it and it’s for them also.

Once they see the result of a big penis they will love it more than you do.

Do I need to see a doctor to buy a penis pump?

A penis pump is not a prescription material, you can buy is online or in an adult store

Click here to see a list of penis pump you can purchase.

My doctor told me to go and get a penis pump at the adult store

We have many customers come into the shop said that their doctor recommends to visit an adult shop to purchase a penis pump to fix their erectile dysfunction after prostate surgery. This is very common and you should try it.

What is the right size penis pump for me?

Always check the size of the tube and the length. Always think about how big your penis on full erection and leave some room for growth.

For example if you penis is full erect at 6 inch then you should get a 6.7 or 8 inch tube

Does cheap penis pump work?

Yes, all penis pump work but cheap penis pump won’t last.

It’s cheaper for a reason. Mainly the material and low quality made. It does not last long, recent survey show that cheap penis pump last about 5 or 6 session then you will experience loss of pressure and air leak.

It’s always paid to spend a little more for a better quality product. Saves you time and money in the long run.

What is the penis pump made out of?

Most penis pump made from plastic, silicone, rubber and glass.

Plastic tube chamber is very popular as they are cheaper to make. Glass tube penis chamber is a classic penis pump, it is very rare these days to find a glass one anymore.

Silicone and rubber is used in the making of the air tune and the cover sleeves

Flexi Plastic and rubber is used to make the trigger or the hand pump.


How long do I pump for when using a penis pump?

For beginners you need to pump enough pressure to feel you penis is expanding but not enough to cause you pain or discomfort.

  1. Once the desire pressure is achieve, hold it with pressure for about 60 seconds
  2. Release the pressure and massage your penis for about 90 sec
  3. Repeat step 1 and 2
  4. Do that for 3 sets

You should continue this program for about 6 to 8 weeks with one and two days break in between pumping sessions. You need to see our penis pump programs here for a more details information on pump regime and tailored programs for your needs.


How long do I have to wait before release air in a penis pump?

The recommended hold time for a penis pump is about 60 seconds


Why are penis pump have different colors

Penis pumps color is purely for decorations, however some brand of penis pumps have different color to categories their series for example for the Pipedream penis pump brand beginner might be red. Intermediate would be orange and advanced might be green.


What penis pump regime or program I need to follow to get result

There are many penis pump programs available but the most common one is

Weekly cycle penis pump

1 Monday – PUMP

  1. Tuesday – OFF – only massage and masturbate
  2. Wednesday – Pump
  3. Thursday – OFF – only massage and masturbate
  4. Friday- PUMP
  5. Saturday –OFF - only massage and masturbate
  6. Sunday –OFF - only massage and masturbate


How can I get fast result using penis pump

You should not rush when using a penis pump as it can cause problems. You should follow a strict program and plan yourself for long term result not short term gain.

Click here to see our penis pump program