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how to choose lingerie

Everything you need to know about lingerie

What makes Sexy and Seductive Lingerie at an Adult store different to the normal lingerie retail store?

different types of lingerie

Sexy and Seductive lingerie is not your typical lingerie. These types of lingerie turns a normal bra and underpants into something erotic and extreme. It would have holes for the nipples to pop out, low cut for the bust to overflow, crotchless underpants for easy access and materials that makes you feel like your wearing almost nothing.

These materials range from fishnet, wire, satin, lace, leather and beads. Not only  are the basic bra and underpants are sexed up but other types of lingerie as well. Full body stockings have holes to show  nipples, anal, crotch, navel, mouth. There are dresses, skirts, corsets and much more.

Normal lingerie sold at your local shopping centre is for day to day basic use and does not go over the top as our Sexy and seductive lingerie does.

So if you want sexy erotic lingerie then check out our range

What is a crotchless lingerie?

Crotchless lingerie is a piece of lingerie that has the piece covering the genitals cut out. This is to provide a easy way for your partner to touch and insert vibrator, dildo or themselves inside without the struggle of pulling off the lingerie.

Crotchless lingerie comes in underpants, body stockings, body suits, playsuits and stockings. You can also find them in many materials asuch as fish net, satin, wire, lace and elastic.

Why would I use sexy and seductive lingerie?

These types of lingerie is there to provoke, turn on and sexually excite you and your partner. These types of lingerie is used to spice up the bedroom and give the element of surprise as these types of lingerie is not normally used all the time.

You can also give these types of sexy and seductive lingerie as gifts for yourself, your partner, newly weds, hens, wedding anniversary or evHow en birthday presents to encourage the person to have a adventurous and erotic night.

These gifts will make a statement and would be a gift that will be very different to anything people may receive. 

How do I know if a lingerie online fits me?

All the lingerie that you see in this collection of hundreds of lingerie is categories in sizes. Small, Medium , Large, XL, XXL

Small would be a size 6 to 8

Medium size would be 8 to 12

Large size is 12-16

XL size is 16-18

XXL is 18-22

And there is also Larger size available up to size 26 to 30

Commonly people also add extra toys to complete the gift like  bullets, lubricants, handcuffs and other fun toys for the bedroom.