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G Strings Panties and Lingerie

Sexy G-strings, panties and lingerie from adult store is better and more sexy from deparment stores and other shops

Sexy G-strings and panties are not your average ones you find in normal retail stores. These ones will show off areas of your genitals in many different ways. Either through leather to give that rough and rugged sexy look.

Matched up with a whip, chains, collars, nipple clamps and other leather accessories and you will look tough, rough and wanting to do some serious damage.

Crotchless panties and underwear

There are crotchless underwear that allows for no imagination and instead straight to the point allowing for easy access to the pleasure spot.

Not only easy for your partner but also for yourself if you wanting to self pleasure with a vibrator or bullets or any other toy you may  want to insert.

This type of g string and underwear is very popular with the BDSM and fetish sexual relationships.

Clothing for adult industry workers

For those who work in the adult entertainment like strippers, escorts, topless waiters or you are just the normal average person wanting to provide your own private show.

We have sexy G-string and panties to suit any occasions. These underpants and G-strings have  easy to remove parts that when you are performing and want to go all out then a simple tug and rip will straight away slip off.

The most popular underwear clothing is g-strings and panties with specially designed gaps and holes so that either the penis or vagina can be on display through the G-string or panties. Of course, these come in a range of materials such as leather, vinyl, satin, lace and all sorts to give that final WOW factor.

Are there plus size g-string and panties?

As we know the majority of our customers are not all super models and super buffed up men, we ensure we have a variety of designs and styles to best suit our larger and curvy butts. 

Many people are surprised about the wide range of G-strings and panties that are made for the larger men and woman out there. Once that perfect underpants is found a chain reaction starts. 

Even a plug size person can be sexy, feel sexy and get sexy starting with the perfect sexy g-string or panty. Then the addition of lingerie, sexy dress and other accessories will bring out the confidence and kinky attitude out of anyone.

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Sexy & Seductive Lingerie

We have one of the largest collections of Sexy and Seductive Lingerie around not found in any ordinary lingerie stored. You can find crotchless underpants, full body stockings, corsets, bras and dresses We stock all types from satin, fishnet, wire and strappy and lacey just to name a few.              

What ever part of your body you want to accentuate, show or popping out we will have the lingerie to match what you are looking for. 

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What makes Sexy and Seductive Lingerie at an Adult store different to the normal lingerie retail store?

Sexy and Seductive lingerie is not your typical lingerie. These types of lingerie turn normal bra and underpants into something erotic and extreme.

It would have holes for the nipples to pop out, low cut for the bust to overflow, crotchless underpants for easy access and materials that makes you feel like your wearing almost nothing.

These materials range from fishnet, wire, satin, lace, leather and beads. Not only are the basic bra and underpants are sexed up but other types of lingerie as well.

Full body stockings have holes to show nipples, anal, crotch, navel, mouth. There are dresses, skirts, corsets and much more.

Lingerie at department store is not sexy enough 

Normal lingerie sold at your local shopping centre is for day to day basic use and does not go over the top as our Sexy and seductive lingerie does.

So, if you want sexy erotic lingerie then to check out our range

What is a crotchless lingerie?

Crotchless lingerie is a piece of lingerie that has the piece covering the genitals cut out. This is to provide an easy way for your partner to touch and insert vibrator, dildo or themselves inside without the struggle of pulling off the lingerie.

The most popular crotchless panties you can buy here

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Crotchless lingerie comes in underpants, body stockings, body suits, playsuits and stockings. You can also find them in many materials such as fish net, satin, wire, lace and elastic.

Why would I use sexy and seductive lingerie?

These types of lingerie are there to provoke, turn on and sexually excite you and your partner. These types of lingerie are used to spice up the bedroom and give the element of surprise as these types of lingerie is not normally used all the time.

You can also give these types of sexy and seductive lingerie as gifts for yourself, your partner, newlyweds, hens, wedding anniversary or even birthday presents to encourage the person to have an adventurous and erotic night.

These gifts will make a statement and would be a gift that will be very different to anything people may receive. Commonly people also add extra toys to complete the gift like bullets, lubricants, handcuffs and other fun toys for the bedroom.  

Can I buy cheap Sexy and Seductive Lingerie?

Like with everything else there are cheap and expensive ranges. Of course, the cheap Sexy and seductive lingerie are available, but the detail and quality will be not as good as those that are priced higher.

A cheap sexy and seductive lingerie piece may be good for those who are starting to get into these types of lingerie and do not want to spend to much at first.

It will take a little time to get use to having pieces of the lingerie missing in areas such as the nipples, crotch and other parts that may feel unfamiliar. Once worn, can make you feel very erotic and desirable so you would want to explore more and more different ranges of these types of lingerie

Everything you need to know about male G string and Costumes here

Are there plus size male G Strings and costumes?

Many males out there are not all slim and so searching for that perfect male sexy g string or costume may be challenging.

Fantasia we know the average male size and so we have a wide range of adjustable g strings that allows for larger males to still look sexy in their g strings whilst keeping their willy’s intact.

Lots of different styles of male g string and costumes

G-strings ranging from leather, magnetic rip clip, spandex, animal faces and penis socks to accentuate your prize possessions                     

so, for all you larger men out there you won’t have to feel that the only G-string for you is the plain and boring ones. Just remember to check us out and we will have you dazzled and sexed up for the occasion with our huge range of G-strings to make you feel sexy wherever you may go.

G-Strings for Male strippers or dancers or topless waiter

Our G-Strings are perfect for the showman who needs accessories to showcase their prize possession. Whether you are stripping for one or many there is a G-String that can either hold the penis and balls in and stable.

You can whip them out easily and smoothly then our removable magnetic strips are available. This will make the reveal during the dance more seamless and easier.

For a more fun accessory for the stripping routine there are G-Strings that have animal heads like elephants, tigers and even a chicken just for laughs. Also, the Borat inspired G-String with suspenders attached also known as the slingshot is available as well. 

Male lingerie for male adult industry worker 

Having the entertaining part of the G-string down pat, we also ensure that the male -String is comfortable too. They come in various materials from cotton, leather, spandex, elastic and vinyl to suit anyone’s desired feel.

Can the male G-String hold my penis and balls?

G-Strings are specially designed just to do that. It makes sure that your balls and penis are intact comfortably so you can move around whilst ensuring your butt cheeks are in view.

The only time when the G-string will not hold is if you purchase a G-string with removable parts so that your partner can easily rip them off or your audience.

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Can Sexy Stockings and Body Suits be worn anywhere?

Sexy Stockings and body suits are mostly used as clothing for the bedroom to seduce and arouse the other person. It also helps you to feel sexy and more confident to perform anything sexual as you are looking the part.

However, you can wear some items like such as the leather stockings and body suit out to parties or to go with nice heels or boots and create a sexy look out. That has been very popular with a lot of people to wear as an added accessory.

Also, the fishnet stockings are not only sexy for the bedroom but also nice under a nice short dress and boots too. So, depending on what type of look you are after when you are going out you can always add a touch of the sexy stocking or body suit to complete the look.

Obviously, the crotchless and the body suits with nipple holes would only be considered appropriate for the bedroom because who want that hanging out when you are on a night out right?  Unless you want to feel the air through your crotch and nipples, then you can rock it out wearing those

Is it easy to wear a full body stocking?

Getting into a full body stocking depends on what the body suit is made of. The leather made ones has a zipper so you can easily slide into and zip up.

Sexy stockings and Body Suits for the larger bodies/plus size?

Most of the stockings and body suits come in one size fits all. For those items that do not have a one size fits all option then there is definitely lots of larger sizes for those lovely lumps that we all want to hide in these sexy outfits and stockings.

As we all know, not everyone is a supermodel thin person so there is lots to choose from so you all can feel sexy and kinky in these stockings and body suits.

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