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What is a fleshlight? 

The name came from a flashlight. A masturbation sex toy product that is about 5 times wider then a flashlight and about the same length. 

Entry shaped of a vagina or anus and the internal tunnel is made from soft silicone to mimic the internal of a vagina. 

Fleshlight initially made only masturbator products but have recently have other products such as cock rings, lubes and vibrators.

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How to clean a fleshlight?

A fleshlight came with an inner tube or an artificial vagina sleeve. Its a discreet sperm collector. 

Once the job is done, you can remove the sleeve and run it under water to wash off lubes and cum. 

Made from high quality silicone, you can use household hand soap to wash the fleshlight inner sleeves.

How to store a fleshlight?

Fleshlight can be stored like any other pocket pussy or vibrator. As long as its dry and in a cool place, Away from direct sunlight.

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How to use a fleshlight?

Treat a fleshlight how you would treat a vagina or an ass. Put a little lubricant around the opening and penetrate with your hard penis and enjoy.

Once done, slowly remove your penis and the sleeve to clean.

How to make a homemade fleshlight?

Fleshlight can be pricey for some people so homemade fleshlight is very popular. You can buy a cheap pocket pussy here then use a plastic bottle that fits the pocket pussy and insert it inside the bottle. 

Use your fingers to squeeze the bottle as you masturbate to create a tight vagina.

How realistic are fleshlights?

Fleshlights are well known to be the most realistic masturbator product on the market. In fact it is better then a real vagina because the silicone does not stretch overtime. Its always tight and feels like a virgin every time. 

A real vagina do expand and becomes loose overtime, a fleshlight feels like the first time every time. 

How to prepare a fleshlight?

Like any masturbator product, always use water based lube. Especially silicone products use a warming lube to give you a better "real" warm feeling when insert yourself in there. 

Start with a little lubricant first, then add more if its not enough. Too much lubricant will create sloppy feel.

How does a fleshlight feels like?

A fleshlight is molded from a real vagina of a porn star. So when looking at the vagina lips and touching it, it feels 100% realistic. Adding lube to create moisture and insert your penis in the the tunnel, you will feel the most amazing climax in your life. It feels like you are having sex for the first time.

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