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Everything about corset

Everything you need to know about corsets and lingerie is here

Whether you are just doing research or looking to buy something sexy for a special occasion. You have come to the right place - Funtasia!. 

A corset is a piece of clothing used as lingerie most of the time to enhance a busty chest, small waist and larger hips giving a hour glass body. Most people who choose sexy corsets to feel sexy and alluring to their partners. When you feel sexy this will also helps you to feel very sexual. 

Corsets can be worn on its own or it can be matched with sexy underpants, S and M products like  collars, chains and leather accessories. The combination of these things will enhance a person feeling sexy and desired

How much does corsets cost?

Corsets are made with a variety of materials and requires a lot of structural elements in order to give the desired glass hour body look. So you would be looking at a minimum of about $60  for the basic corsets. For those sexy and fancy dress up corsets the prices can get higher as more delicate materials are used

Does wearing a corset hurt?

Corsets are very tight fitting and needs to be body hugging so that the small waist line can be more obvious and enhanced.

By allowing for this, the corset can be at first quite uncomfortable but you will soon get use to it as the results of the sexy and curvy shaped body will override your thoughts of any pain or discomfort.

What are the most popular corsets?

 The most popular corset is always the classic look, the small waist and busty chest. Click here for our most popular corset and buy it online.

Try use corsets for dress up parties

Lots of people use the corsets for dress up parties. Especially if the theme is Mulan Rouge or Hens parties are quite popular too. Girls love getting together to look sexy and beautiful and what other way to do that then with a lace corset or corsets with matching skirts or strappy/stringy corsets.

Corsets can make you look skinny

Wen wearing corset there is a way where you can use the string and robes especially sewed into the corset to tighten areas where you want to reduce the size like the waist.

Corsets make my boobs bigger

Those ladies who want to show off their busty busts and round big booties and a tiny waist will always look for that perfect corset to wear so they can enhance those areas a lot more.

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