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All Sex Essentials How to Guide

What Lube, condoms and sex essentials to use for different situation

Lubes and Condoms used to be essentials during sex. The new norm is sex pills, spray delays, anal numbing serums, female arousal oil, vagina tightening gel, throat numbing spray.

If you haven’t heard of any of the product listed above then keep reading, your sex life is about the transform, thanks to Funtasia Adult Store.

Let’s start with Condoms and Lubes first then we can get into the real essentials.

How to Choose a Condoms and what lube to use?

Rule number one is never use oil or silicone-based lube when using condoms. It will break the condoms. Just stick to water-based lube.

When choosing your condom always know your size, always for your size or a size smaller. A larger condom will make you feel very uncomfortable and it might fall off during intercourse.

The thickness of condom is also important. If you have a problem lasting in bed, always choose something thicker to help you lasting longer.

What lube should I be using in different sexual situation?

Only use silicone or oil-based lube in a longer natural sex session or anal sex. And never use with condoms.

If you are into Nuru massage and body slide then get a powder mix gel, you can get this in a tub and mix it with warm water. Lost lasting and great for body slit.

Always use a waterproof sheet.

Flavour lube is also a good way to stimulate the sexual scene. You can put it on each other and eat each other out as they are edible.

A premium anal lube is very important when getting ready for anal play, this will make or break your anal session. A bad lube will destroy your orgasm during an anal session.

What lubricant is good for anal?

The anal part of the body does not excrete moisture like a vagina or penis so specialized lubricants are formulated with silicon so that the moisture is long lasting and can handle the rough terrain of the anal cavity. Swiss Navy and Pjur are well known for their back door and anal relaxation properties in their lubricants to enhance the experience.

Does flavoured lubricants taste good?

Flavoured lubricants have come a long way in ensuring that the flavours put into the lubes are realistic and yummy. Brands such as Jo and Swiss Navy used real fruit extract and food ingredients to ensure the berries taste like berries or the chocolate taste like real chocolate.  But don’t worry, the flavour does not reduce the performance of the lubricant, you can be sure of that.

Does the warming and cooling lubes work?

The cooling and warming sensation incorporated into some lubricants provides a sensation for those who gets turned on by either cold or warm touch. Having these types of lubricants helps give either the cooling and warming feeling especially during winter or summer hot nights when the cooling would definitely make a better experience.

Does Sex pills work?

There are lots of website our there claim that their sex pill will make you last longer and stay rock hard. Be careful purchasing from any overseas website that you don’t know.

Sex pill does work, there are herbal tablets that give you more energy so you can go longer in bed. Promote blood flow to keep your erection harder.

Always check for customer reviews and check with healthcare professional before taking any supplements.

Sex pills and energy booster for men

There are thousands of sex pills website claiming that it works. Most of it is all scam.

Sexual herbal tablets do give you a good energy booster and you need to take it on a regular basis. A herbal libido tablet will not give you an instant erection like a Viagra would.

We have a great range of herbal libido tablets for men here that prove to be very effective after a few days of consumption just a tablet per day. Unlike Viagra, the ingredients in these tablets is organic and natural but has a similar effects like Viagra. 

Herbal tablets for men to boost sexual desire and arousal. It promotes blood flow to the penis and encourage erection. It can also help with harder erections and long lasting erection.

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Female arousal and libido herbal supplements and pills

Does female Viagra exist? There are many products on the market but to date nothing really works. 

Female arousal libido booster does not work like men. Woman do not need to have an erection for sex. 

What woman needs to have sexual arousal is the energy level and a mental state of sexual desire. 

What we have put together is a collection of female libido energy booster supplement tabletsproven to promote more blood flow and energy around the body. It promotes sexual arousal and bring back the moisture that has fade away. 

Try one today and you will notice a huge difference in your energy level.

Does Delay Spray work?

Delay spray is one of the most common sex enhancers sold to date. Male buys them so their partner can enjoy them longer.

Delay spray works 100%, you spray one to two spray on the tip of the penis. Massage it for about 5 minutes and its ready for intercourse.

Delay spray reduce the sensitivity of your penis; hence you will last longer in bed.

How long does the Delay Spray and Creams last for?

This is every males #1 question before buying any of these types of Sprays and creams. On average, all the male delay products allows for about 1 whole hour. Enough to ensure maximum erection and sexual pleasure to be enjoyed.

What is the difference between the Delay Spray and cream?

Both are made with the exact same ingredients but are obviously applied differently. Both will give the long lasting erection and delay ejaculation. The only difference is the Sprays will usually come to effect straight away and the cream will take a few minutes before the effects are felt.

So if you need some time to jump into your positions then the cream will be ideal but if you are ready for action immediately then go for the sprays.

Are the delay spray and creams safe for eating

Delay Spray and Creams are made with natural and safe ingredients so if a blow job is to be enjoyed then there would be no problems whilst using the delay products. Also you can tell the products are non toxic and safe as these sprays and creams have no smells or added colour and so it is very safe for eating and also sensitive skin.

What is the cheapest Delay Spray and Cream available?

Delay spray and creams come in different size bottles and tubes so the price will be different accordingly. The cheapest you can get is $14.95 for the smallest bottle 10mls and should give up to 60 uses.  Definitely value for money right there.

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Anal numbing serums or anal spray

The is the best essential for all anal play. It is a good tool for beginners and advanced. Just two spray and massage around the rectum before anal intercourse will help the mussel relaxed so you can enjoy the moment, and don’t t have to feel the pain.

Just spray and massage the area for about 3 minutes and its ready.

There are a few brands on the market, the popular on are pjur back door and pjur analyse me

Female arousal oil

This product is huge in 2019, the popularity of multiple orgasm and squirting makes these products the go to products for female.

There are females that have never orgasm with their partner but once start to use this oil they orgasm every time during sex.

It’s a very powerfully natural oil that you drop on top of the clitoris, massage it for a few minutes. The pill allows the clitoris to swell up and draw more blood flow to the area. It makes the whole area full aroused and dripping wet.

Once the oils applied during foreplay, she will be more likely to climax during intercourse.

The most popular brand is ON arousal oil

Does Throat numbing spray work?

Its for those who wants to spoil their partner or who have medical issue where he or she cannot give you vaginal or anal intercourse but still want their partner to have a full experience of deep penetration.

The throat number spray is a natural edible product where you can spray in your mouth before a blow job. It numbers your whole through and open the air way ready for a deep throat session with having the feeling of gagging.

A few popular brands like pipedream deep throat spray or doc Johnson good head spray.

How to look after your sex toys

Can you wash your toys using soap and water only?

For most water proof toys you are able to wash simply with soap and water.  but sex toys are made with specialized silicon’s and some soaps and other general cleaning products may damage the outer layer of the toy. So it is recommended that you use a proper toy cleaner especially formulated to clean silicon based products so that they will last longer and is cleaned thoroughly.

Non water proof toys definitely need to be cleaned carefully with the toy cleaning sprays and a good wipe As washing them under the tap will damage the toy completely. You would definitely be looking into a proper toy cleaner product especially when some  good high end toys cost in the hundreds and you would like to keep them as long as you can.  .  Especially leather toys such as whips and collars, hand cuffs and even the sex machines.  Are some of the few toys that you would like to keep clean and working for a long time.

Are toy cleaners and sanitizers cheap?

Toy cleaners are not expensive to buy so you can have your toy clean and long lasting. You can grab a cleaner for as low as $10 and that should give you a many uses.

Do I need to clean and sanitize my toys before use?

It is recommended to clean your toys after use and sanitize so that all bacteria and germs cannot form on the toy as this can case health issues when in use. If you have cleaned the product carefully after use and you want to use the toy again then there is no need to clean the product for the next use. Unless you have stored the toy in a not so clean place or the toy has not been in use for a long time then it is recommended for you to clean the toy before use.  This is to avoid any reactions and infections from germs and bacteria that may form whilst it is in storage.

Always remove to store your clean sex toy in a dry and cool area

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