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August 05, 2021


Okay as somehow who has the brain function of a child, this word is so very entertaining to me… As an adult who loves sex toys, the object is even more entertaining!

So, what is it?

Teledildonics (also know as cyberdildonics) is a phrase used to describe remote sexual activity using technology! But that doesn’t tell us much.
In a world that is rapidly growing more and more technology driven our sex toys are also getting an upgrade, everything from remote control panty vibes, to Bluetooth connected and app controlled vibrators, to toys that interact with each other from opposite sides of the globe.

Why am I Just hearing about this?

During the pandemic long distance couples couldn’t be more thankful for this wonderful technology keeping them connected and intimate.

Are Teledildonics for Singles?

Even for those of us that are single these toys can create a whole new level to our solo adventures, whether we include other people or not, there’s nothing better than a “set it and forget it” type toy that we can use hands free, out and about, or while we do housework.

Let’s not forget that this technology also helps us feel more involved in porn, with toys that will sync up to videos (add to your experience with a VR headset, now you’re REALLY in there!), toys used during camming sessions that viewers can control, and performers can feel, and toys that can be hooked up to paid videos where the creator has set up a pattern that is timed perfectly to their video.

In 2021 we may not have flying cars, but honestly, I’m pretty stoked to have teledildonics to get me through the pandemic!

What Sex Toys is best for Teledildonics

Kiiro is the leader in Teledildonics sex toys technologies. The whole Kiiro's sex toys design and productions are based on Teledildonics and how we interact in cyber sex.

Watch a full video interview below of Kiiro's Chief Technology Officer on his view on the trends in Teledildonics sex toys technologies.

 Here are some of the current best seller in Teledildonics sex toys:

1. Keon Combo Set 

2. Onyx Kiiro Porn Star Male Masturbator

Trend in cyber sex is increasing

As we are more digitally connected and we spend more times in front of our screens, we are becoming more physically disconnected. To fulfil the gap, many of us have to turn to interactive cyber sex.

With Covid-19 outbreak, we have see a surge in long-distance relationships and enormous demands on interactive sex toys range like We-Vibe, Lovense and Kiiro.


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