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April 04, 2020

Massager Wands Reviews The Best Premium Wands

Premium Wand reviews

What is a wand? Its not a magical stick you can wave around and frogs into a prince. Well, its even better, Technically it is a megical stick that can give you an orgasm or multiple if you are keen.

Wand comes in different size, shapes and prices. But its very import to get the best wand on the market because the difference between you just like it and LOVE it is huge. Its not like any vibrator.

Lets talk about an high end premium wand, expensive but it worth every single dollar you spend on it.

I introduce you the ultimate sex toy wand that nothing can compare

LELO Smart WAND Personal Massager


What is so great about this wand?

Its powerful, YES

Its waterproof, YES

Its, a Massager, YES (we can come back here later)

Its, sleek and luxury design, YES

Its, Rechargeable, YES

It gets all the tick of approval from all the sex experts.

This wand wont disappoint, with up to 10 vibrating massager settings. You can use It on any part of your body. Its powerful enough to use it on him against the back side and his prostate will get good jump start.

Large lithium batter you can and quick charge. You can charge it for under an hour and play all day long.

So overall I will rate this LELO Smart Wand an 9.8/10

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