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December 08, 2020

Contraception and sex toys

How to use a condom

A condom, for all its adverse publicity and unpopularity with many men, is still the only real protective against sexually transmitted disease. But however effective it could be, it will let you down if you leave it too late before putting it on. 

As soon as the man has an erection one of you should get the condom on his penis. This is because there might be sperms in his pre-ejaculatory fluid which could be a pregnancy risk. It’s also vital to get the penis covered early if a condom is to function as a disease barrier. 

Putting on a condom is a skill that every young person should learn the moment they become sexually active. Unfortunately, as with most skills, it takes time and practice to get good at it, and most people never take the trouble. A man should learn on his own over several sessions so he’s completely confident when it comes to having an audience and doing it in the dark! 

Until fairly recently condom manufacturers behaved as if all men’s penises were the same size. Of course they aren’t. This means that many couples have had difficulty donning condoms because they were often the wrong size. 

A well-fitting condom should feel snug at the base and yet have a little room at the head. Research shows that tight condoms actually fall off and burst more easily than do those that are slightly loose. 

To find the right size, the man needs to have a session or two trying out various brands of condom to see which fit best. Homework completed it’s time for the bedroom. 

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Getting started There’s nothing quite so passion-killing as fumbling with fiddly packaging while your erection subsides. Get things ready beforehand. Open the pack and place the unrolled condom on top within easy reach.

Warming up Except for the new polyurethane ones all condoms are cold and will come as a shock to the system when put on! You can breathe on it, put it between your partner's breasts or thighs anywhere that’ll warm it up. 

Lubrication Just before donning the condom put a, small dab of lubricant in the centre. This will make the head of your penis slip around pleasantly inside. Now unroll the condom one turn to be sure you have it the right side up. 

Pinching the tip Place the condom on the penis head and pinch the tip between finger and thumb. This removes the air from the top and reduces the risk of bursting. With the other hand, roll the ring down until the whole of your penis is covered. 

While you’re doing all this you may find you lose a little erection power. Don’t worry. Either of you can stimulate your penis back to its former self. 

Making condom fun and sexy

Condoms are intrinsically unsexy, what with their horrid taste of rubber or spermicide, and the fiddle of putting them on. 

Wearing one also means the man has to pull out as soon as he has ejaculated if the thing isn’t to slip off. And many women complain it’s like being made love to by a latex probe. 

Men’s negative views on the subject are well known. Things are looking up with new polyurethane condoms that overcome the taste and feel problems. But what else can you do to make them more acceptable? 

- Get her to put it on with her mouth. This is only suitable for couples who are sure of one another’s sexual safety. The woman holds the rolled-up condom gently between her lios and eases it down over his erection using tongue and lips. It pays to get in some practice first on her own with a banana. 

- Ribbed condoms, and other novelty condoms can be fun. Some of the better flavoured ones can taste OK but the smell of latex still seeps through.

- Some couples say that using a condom involves them in taking a joint contraceptive decision and that this is good for their relationship. 

- Use plenty of lubricant. This makes condoms much more sexy, especially for the woman who finds them a turn-off and SO doesn’t lubricate well. 

Contraception Pros and Cons

There are few bigger turn-offs than being unsure of your contraceptive safety. But not all methods are equal when it comes to how sexy you feel. Here are some ways in which the different methods might affect you and your Sex life. 

Diaphragm (cap)

Needs professional fitting and replacing after having a baby or if you are slimming. Not suitable if you enjoy sensations from your cervix, as the cap covers it. Can cause cystitis. 


This can be made a fun part of lovemaking. Use a thin type for maximum male sensitivity. A condom can also be helpful for men who come too quickly because it reduces penile sensitivity. Condoms can split or come off during sex. The man must withdraw before losing his erection or semen can leak out. 

Female condom

Femidom is a great female condom. Its design to protect against pregnancy and sti. Great for a laugh but very unsexy to most couples. Good if you really need the safest possible sex as it covers the whole of the woman's genital area. 

The pill

Ideal for sex with a longterm partner, the pill can Cause physical side-effects. Combined pills may cause weight gain, mood changes, breakthrough bleeding, reduced sex drive and headaches. Progestogen-only pills can cause menstrual irregularities, weight gain, headaches and a loss of sex drive.

If you have problems, talk to your doctor about a change. Always use the pill with a condom for Safe sex with anyone other than a faithful, long term partner. 

Injectables, Intrauterine device (IUD/coil) and Intrauterine system (IUS) 

The great advantages of these are that they’re long-lasting and involve no sex-related fuss. IUDs can, however, cause heavy periods. 

Spermicides Must be used with a condom or cap. Taste bad for Oral sex; need replenishing in overnight sex sessions. 

Contraception and Sex

Contraception literally means ‘against conception’. By this definition any practice, device or substance that prevents conception could be called a contraceptive. Clearly, abstaining from sex, oral intercourse, anal sex and mutual masturbation are all sexual pleasures that cannot result in a pregnancy and are thus ‘contra-ceptive’. 


Of all the conventional methods of contraception only the pill, taken meticulously, and sterilization are totally reliable in the prevention of pregnancy. 

Early in their relationship a couple are usually trying to prevent conception until they decide whether or not they want to start a family. The pill is the commonest choice at this time, perhaps combined with a condom.

As time goes by they start to see contraception more as ‘family planning’. At this stage they wouldn’t too much mind getting pregnant, and may be actively trying to do so. ⁹

Their family complete, many couples seek a more permanent answer to fertility control. A substantial minority choose sterilization, but this can backfire on people who, perhaps after divorce, separation, or the death of a partner, want more children in a new relationship. Some methods are now reversible. 

Deciding on which contraceptive method to use can be tricky as we all have our conscious and unconscious agendas. Some women, for example, are unwilling to submit themselves to long term chemicals in the pill, while other couples cannot stand the condom.

It’s probably fair to say that there’s no such thing as an ideal contraceptive it’s usually a matter of choosing the least bad option! Failures occur when the parties cannot agree, or when they’re changing methods. 


Contraception is a battleground in some relationships. Many couples disagree when, or even if, to start a family, or when to have another baby. But pregnancy isn’t something you can have ‘a touch of’ like ’flu, so the decisions are fateful.

And even when couples do agree, their unconscious agendas affect things in many different ways. We frequently see women who say all contraception is a ‘disaster’. Nothing suits them. 

Clearly, at some unconscious level, they really want to run the risk of becoming pregnant, whatever they claim to the contrary. Many women still see sex as being about babies and some even avoid it unless there’s a possibility they might conceive. 

A man who has problems with his masculine identity, or who has something to prove to himself or his lover, can also have problems with contraception. Any woman with such a man should be sure to make sure there is contraception available.

NON Penetration sex and Sex Toys

There are other ways to enjoy sex without intercourse if you don’t have access to contraception or a condom. Non penetration sex and using sex toys such as a dildo, vibratoror a masturbator.

Oral sex and hand job is a good wat to make a male ejaculate without having vaginal intercourse. If your partner wants to real feeling of a vagina but you are unable to have vagina sex then the next best things is using a male masturbator like a fleshlightor pocket pussy

Many can also call it fleshlite or artificial vagina. 


What is a Fleshlight

Fleshlight girlsare male masturbator that is moulded from a real female vagina and the internal is design and made out of super soft and life like silicone. The shape of the fleshlight is like a masturbator tube exactly like a flashlight torch.

The entry is the shape of a realistic vagina with the lip and the clitoris then internal is made with soft sponge like silicone and is studded to give you extra stimulation during penetration.

There are many version of the fleshlight but the most popular fleshlight is the fleshlight girls and the fleshlight launch.

Other brands that is similar to the fleshlite or fleshlight is Tenga egg , LELO F1 Masturbator, CrazyBull Masturbator.

If you don’t have the money to buy a real fleshlight then try to do a home made fleshlight.

How to make a fleshlight

To make a fleshlight you need some lube, condoms and an old towel. Heat up the towel while its wet in a microwave or soak it in hot water. Squeeze dry while its wet and put on the condom with extra lube. Roll the towel up in the roll leaving a small hole in the middle. When your are erected you can penetrate the towel and it should feels like a real vagina.

How to clean a fleshlight

Fleshlight is very easy to clean, just remove from the tube and wash it under the tap. Use hand soap or sex toy cleaner.

Pocket pussy

What is a pocket pussy

A pocket pussy is a small silicone disposable or reusable male masturbator. Usually it’s a size of about 15cm long and 10cm wide

Unlike the fleshlight the pocket pussy is smaller and easier to store and very portable.

How to make a pocket pussy if you cant afford one? The best way to make a pocket pussy is using an old pvc tube and wrap it in a few layers of glove and put a condom on top. Use extra lube then you can penetrate it.

Using vibrator and dildo

What is a vibrator?

Vibratoris one of the best way to get an orgasm without having to worry about pregnancy or STIs. If you and your partner is having some kind of personal problems and cannot have penetration using a penis then vibrator is the best tool to replace the real thing.

It’s a electronic mechanical device used to stimulate and make a woman or men orgasm or climax using goog vibrations

How to use a vibrator

Vibratorhave to give out good vibrations and strong vibration to give you a good intense orgasm. Some of the best vibrator to choose is the rabbit vibrator and the g spot vibrator. Its easy to use and it gets the job done quick.

To use a vibrator you must need to find out if the vibrator you are using battery operated vibrator or a rechargeable vibrator. Depends on if it’s a clitoral stimulation vibrator like the bullet vibrator then you just placed the vibrator on your clitoris.

How to use a rabbit vibrator

If its an internal vibrator like a g spot vibrator or a rabbit vibrator then you can insert it into your vagina and try to hit the g spot with the tip of the vagina. For Rabbit vibrator you need to make sure the rabbit ears sits on top of the clitoris, this way you will get double stimulation on the g spot and the clitoris.

How to raise your vibration

Most vibrator have function button to change the vibrations to give you that extra power of good vibrations. The function button is usually located on the handle of the vibrator for easy access for you to increase or decrease the vibration.

If you are using a remote control vibrator like the we vibe chorus or we vibe jive then use the remote control vibrator to change the settings.

Most remote control vibrator these days are either using wifi or Bluetooth to control the good vibrations from a distance. At a touch of a button you can change the vibration higher or lower.

Where to buy a vibrator

Buy a vibrator online here. Or you can buy vibrators chemist warehouse online.

Using Condoms with vibrators

If you are having sensitive skin then or allergic to silicone, then always use a condom on top of your vibrator. It is also good hygiene practices to use a condoms on top of the vibrator this to prevent any contamination from the vibrator to get into your body.


Using dildo is the next best thing to a real penis. In fact some dildo is better then a real penis because you can choose and size you want and you can use it as long as you want without it going soft.

These days dildo are made for high quality silicone so it feels realistic just like a real penis. Big dildo and dragon dildo is some of the most common purchase online as the demand for dildo increase.  

Big Dildo and king cock black dildo is the best seller dildo on the internet, because of porn and fantasy many men and woman want to try a big dildo or a black dildo just to see how it feels like. In fact many claim that big dildo or black dildo is not much better then the average size dildo.

Dragon dildo is  new on the market. It has more texture and the shaped of a dragon head. There are many version of dragon dildo, the most common one has the rough skin dragon like and the pointy tip. The reason why dragon dildo is popular is because it give you a better orgasm because of the roughness of the silicone layer on it.  Dragon dildo is also a fetish.

Many people choose to use a dildo using a strap on dildo because there is some problem with their penis or a double ended dildo for lesbian sex. Strap on dildo has a suction cup base which you can insert it onto the ring of the strap on harness then you can wear it onto and have sex. Strap on dildo is very popular because you can change the size of the dildo anytime, you are not restriction when using a strap on dildo.

There are options for anal dildo if you are into anal. Anal dildo is designed for pegging or you user an anal dildo with a strap on. Anal dildo is different from Strap on dildo because it is much smaller and more smooth texture. Any anal dildo is always smaller as its easier to penetrate anally. Remember to always use a good anal lubricant if you are using an anal dildo.

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