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April 04, 2020

What is it like working in an Adult Shop?

A Blog from one of your staff with FAQ from our loyal customers

As a retail assistant in an Adult toys store the most common question I am asked is:

‘What is the difference between silicone and water based lube’

So here a quick lowdown for those who are wants to know

Silicone based lube, made from silicone extract of course but what do I used it for? What situation? Is it safe? Can I use it with toy? How clean silicone lube? These are the questions that we get all the time.

My first point that I tell all the customers is that, if you don’t want messy sheets then be very careful with silicone based lube

Overall silicone lube is good for those long lasting session, anal play, male masturbation and sexual activity occurring in water like spa, shower, pool, and beach or in the rain. Yes you heard me, in the rain. Sex happens everywhere.

The big advantage of silicone based lube is it doesn’t require regular reapplication, it last longer than water based lube. It continues to maintain a smooth and slippery feeling without any discomfort or interruption during those crazy marathon sex session.

However, it does not recommended with sex toys as it a pain to clean up. It sticks like glue to your favorite sex toys.

If silicone based lube is so good then why do I need water based?

Water based lube is an all-rounder, it’s my personal favorite. Because only water based lube has flavored and it’s good for people like myself with sensitive skin.

I always recommend for those who use toys and generally sensitive in the private areas.

Here are some of my personal favorite you can try out and let me know some feedback.

Personal Lubricant Water Based Wet Stuff Gold

Personal Lubricant Silicone Based Anal Lube Swiss Navy Premium

Strawberry Flavoured Lubricant JO S8 Flavored Lube

What lube to use with sex toys?

With sex toys like vibrators and dildos, its best to used water based. As many of the new sex toys in 2020 its made from silicone outer layer and if you are using a silicone based lube then it would damager the silicone on the sex toy product. 

However, for older sex toy product like hard pvc plastic, glass, metal stainless steel sex toys then its find to use silicone or water based lube. 

Dont forget to use a sex toy cleaner when you used a lubricate. Its design to kills bacteria and remove lubes from the sex toy after use.

Which lube to use for anal sex?

For natural anal sex its recommended to use a premium silicone based lube like the swiss anal silicone lube along with an anal serum or spray to desensitize the anus entry for extra comfort.

For the use of anal beads, anal plugs or anal prostate massagers. Its recommended to use a water based lube to prevent the sex toy from damage.

Always remember to use a premium lubricant for all anal sex and anal play. 


Innocent Sales Assistant

P.s Please comment if you have any other questions that you want me to answer.

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