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November 25, 2023

Today’s wand vibrators, aka wand massagers or personal massagers, are one of the most powerful sex toys on the market and have helped many people experience an orgasm for the first time. Whilst originally designed as a personal body massager for specific parts of the body, such as the neck or back, it didn’t take long before it was realized that they could be used for sexual gratification as well.

Wands release deep, rumbly vibrations that stimulate the internal structure of the clitoris so if clitoral stimulation is your thing, then a wand is a worthwhile investment. Although wand vibrators are commonly marketed as clitoral or external stimulation toys, there are also a varied array of accessories that double up as powerful G-spot and P-spot stimulators.

Ask yourself this…

Whether you opt for a cordless, battery-powered, or the OG plug-in it is important to consider the following first.

Intensity: How powerful do you want it? Do you like a lot of stimulation or a little?

Power Source: Is a plug-in practical for how/where it will be used? Do you want something with batteries? Re-chargeable?

Noise: Do you need something super quiet? Can it be loud?

Water Resistance: Do you like getting it on in the shower or bath or are you more into bedroom play?

Size: Are you looking for something big and heavy-duty or a lighter toy? Where are you going to store it?

Usability: How many settings does it have? How do you switch between settings? Can you comfortably reach it and change the settings whilst using it?

Material: Sex toys are not regulated, meaning manufacturers are not mandated to use body-safe materials. Especially if you’re on a budget, make sure your wand is made with high-quality, body-safe silicone.

Which wand is right for me?

Here at Funtasia, we carry a wide variety of wands. So, no matter your requirements we will have the one for you!

Below are a few select favorites from our range:

'Pocket' wand by Palm Power

Tiny but mighty, this palm-sized wand knows how to pack a punch in all the right ways. Comfort grip, multi-speed, multi functions, soft touch and USB rechargeable.

With its free storage bag, this is the perfect travel-sized companion for everyone!

'Flexi Wand' by Gender X

Ultimate flexibility in a powerful wand! This versatile toy has a generous round ball tip and a thin bendable shaft – a universal wand that delivers pleasure to everybody! Nestle the plump sphere against your favourite erogenous zone – or anywhere you like! - and roll it around to feel it buzz, pulse & more as you flex the rod to apply more or less pressure in 9 powerful speeds. Enjoy underwater as it’s safe to submerge – and the texture grip handle means easy navigation with no hand fatigue, for you or your partner(s).

'Wand-er Wand' by Satisfyer

Made of medical grade silicone, which is especially soft and gentle against your skin, the rounded head and long shaft allows you to skilfully reach every part of the body craving relaxation.
Choose from 10 different vibration styles and combine them with 5 intensities: whatever kind of vibration you want, the Wand-er Woman has it!

‘Sultry’ Dual ended warming massager by Pillow Talk

The best design here is the neck that connects the head of the toy to its body is surprisingly supple and gives it quite a bit of bend. The coolest feature, though, is that it has a tail that wiggles. The bottom of the Sultry’s handle has a motor in it that provides vibrations at the base and a function that makes it rotate in a circular pattern.

The Sultry is waterproof so you could use it in the shower or a hot tub.

Pillow Talk has also dazzled their sex toys with Swarovski crystal for that little something extra special.

If you are looking for a wand massager that can offer both internal and external use, then this is your toy.

‘Enora’ Wand & Vibrator by Vive

The ENORA, double-ended, pulse-wave wand & vibrator, boasts a 10 function vibrating wand head and a 10-function pulse-wave vibrating handle, making it an all-around perfect pleasure tool.

The 2 motors will give you over 100 possible unique settings to play with. Made from 100% silky-smooth medical-grade silicone, it is 100% waterproof (ipx7), and extremely quiet at under 60 dB.

Die Cast Wands by Doxy

The Doxy Die Cast is a luxurious version of the most popular wand massager on the market.

This beautiful plug-in wand is cast in an aluminium and titanium alloy and equipped with the same powerful motor as the original Doxy Massager, providing a variable speed that goes from 3000 rpm up to 9000 rpm and deep rumbly vibrations, not just buzzing, which makes Doxy one of the strongest and more powerful wands currently available.

This heavier wand comes with a high-quality silicone head, free from latex or phthalates, and with its big size will make sure that every area you have in mind is stimulated, whether it’s used for muscle massage or intimate areas, no place will be left without stimulation

'Smartwand' by Lelo

LELO Smart Wand is an ultra-powerful and soft all-over body massager made with a luxurious LELO design.  The wide head and 12inch long arms can move from your neck, back, legs, and all in between, swiftly providing rumbling deep tissue massage all over.

It's unbelievable that something so powerful can also be so quiet, so you can assure that the only noise that can be heard is yours expressing the pleasures from the Lelo Smart Wand.  With 8 vibrational settings to select and experience, the incredible relaxation feelings are endless with this top-of-the-range wand massager.  Plus, with Lelo Sense Touch technology, increase power is amplified when pressure is used in the desired area, giving a deeper intensity to the massage felt by you.

Indulge in pure relaxation - anytime, anywhere.

Suggestion on how to get the most pleasure out of your wand

Wands have been known to assist women previously incapable of reaching orgasms to suddenly go from zero to multiple orgasms. However, because the vibrations in a wand massager are strong, some people find that holding the wand in just one place for even a short period of time can cause a feeling of numbness. If you experience a loss of sensation, back off and give your body a break from the vibrations. A way to avoid this is to keep the massager moving over the entire area.

The penis: The ridge that runs down the back of the penis loves extra attention. You can lightly run your wand from the frenulum to the base of the shaft and back again. Using your wand around the testicles and/or perinium whilst performing oral sex if also a great way to drive your partner wild!

Missionary: Your wand can seriously spice up this go-to position. When you’re in missionary, slip the wand between you and your partner. If they are able to stay propped up on their arms, it will help make some extra room for the wand. Hold the wand like you would while masturbating on your back. You’ll have ample opportunity to make out with your partner and focus on the combination of internal and external stimulation. Your partner’s weight will add to the pressure of the wand head on your clitoris for intense, full-body orgasms.

Open-Legged Spoon: This is like a regular spoon only, you know, open-legged. Lie on your back and spread your legs, bent at the knee. Have your partner enter you from below, perpendicular to your body. Drape your knees over their side. You can align bodies like you would in a classic spoon for more intimacy.



Grab your wand and rest it on the clitoris. This is an ideal lazy-girl sex position. You have total access to your clitoris, while your partner penetrates you. This low-impact position will change how you see your wand forever. Plus, it’s super sexy and dirty looking.

Doggy Style: For those of you who enjoy masturbating on all-fours with a wand, this will be your bread and butter. Lie on your stomach, sticking two or three pillows under your hips. Prop your wand against the pillows so you can lean your vulva against the top. Have your partner enter you with either their penis, fingers, or dildo from behind.

A wand is amazing for doggy style because you get to ride it while your partner is riding you.

Queening: This position is great for everyone but works especially well for same-sex couples. Lean your back against a throne of pillows like a queen. Grab the wand and hold it against your clitoris while your partner uses their tongue on the rest of your vulva.


If you are still unsure on the best wand for your needs, come on in to one of our 3 locations, feel the options and talk to our friendly Sexperts!


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