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August 31, 2022

The Benefits of Using a Body Wand

The body wand or magic wand is a classic vibrating toy going all the way back to the 60s when it became a household favourite for sex-positive women. Since then, there have been a few updates, but the magic wand is essentially the same, giving people all-over body pleasure. To find out more about the benefits of the magic wand, just read on!

Rest and Relax

Given that the body wand was originally a sports massager to relieve muscle tension, it’s no surprise that it’s still used therapeutically to relax and ease the muscles. With deep, powerful vibrations from a silicone head, the wand softens the muscles and increases blood flow for effective pain relief.

Did we also mention that it gives amazing orgasms?

Not everyone enjoys penetrative vibrators, and the magic wand is perfect for those who want to target the clitoris. Powerful vibrations are guaranteed, especially if the wand is plug-in, however, smaller USB rechargeable wands are available such as Le Wand Petite.

Warm Up or Cool Down

Having a magic wand is a bonus for those of us who play sport or hit the gym regularly. As we mentioned, it’s the ideal sports massager and are a great way to warm up or cool down. With the muscles relaxed and loose, injuries are less likely to happen while a cool down massage reduces delayed muscle soreness. And who doesn’t love a good massage after a hard work out?

For the Guys

The magic wand was always categorised as a women’s toy, but that’s just limiting it’s potential! Men can also benefit from the intense vibrations, and we don’t just mean for sore muscles. They can be used on erogenous zones like on the nipples and down the shaft as well as the pubic area for some serious pleasure. When used between couples, it really is a magic toy.

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