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May 31, 2021


Okay, we all know and love Fleshlight… But do we love the cleaning process? Not exactly, so let us put you onto your next orgasm investment at Funtasia Penrith Adult Store.

TENGA! The inventors of all things unique, from little masturbator eggs to geometric shapes specifically made to get your rocks off. However, these little gems are not what we will be talking about today. Today is a day for talking about the Fliphole, a brilliant masturbator created with your stimulation and laziness in mind! 

tango flip product front view

image of a tenga masturbator product

“But if Fleshlights exist, why would I buy this?” Thank you so much for asking! The TENGA Fliphole has a few qualities that win here, beginning with the reason it has its name, the flip.

This toy opens into two halves with a hinge on the bottom end, not only making it easy to fill with your favourite TENGA Hole lotion but also making cleaning time an absolute breeze, since you can see everything with ease.

Did we mention the slide-cap? The top cap to keep your precious toy clean can also slide onto the bottom to keep the two halves together while in use, and TRIPLES as a drying rack. 

The sides of the TENGA Fliphole have three different pressure points (shown as little plastic circles). These each will give you different levels of stimulation to other parts of your penis, and you can also push different sections down at the same time to double or triple up on extra pleasure. 

There are four colours to select from in this line, (no the red does not go faster), and each colour is made entirely different in terms of sensation. On the side of each box, you will see a little chart with a 5-star rating on: 

  • Material Strength 
  • Tightness 
  • Entanglement 
  • Ridges 

With this setup you can’t go wrong. You know precisely what you are getting into, especially when paired with the detailed image of the inside texture on the opposite side of the box. 

Now, we aren’t saying you HAVE to buy a TENGA Fliphole, but with all this in mind, you’d be absolutely out of yours to not at least come down and check them out! TENGA Fliphole’s are this weeks managers special and are reduced to $119.99 for this week (May 31st – June 6th) only!

That’s a  massive $50 saving! For advice to suit your situation, come and speak to one of our fully qualified Sexperts at Funtasia, the most professional and welcoming Penrith Sex Store.

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