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January 16, 2022

Sexting is meant to be a form of digital foreplay and can get us in the mood for sex – whether it be in real life later that same day or by keeping long-distance relationships hot and heavy even when you’re far apart.


Sexting allows us to explore fantasy!


For example, you might sext about a hot and heavy threesome or bondage scene with no genuine interest in trying it for real. It can be just something that turns you on to talk about and explore with your partner. It can really be eye-opening to explore each other fantasies and fuel your fire for an even hotter sex life.


Sexting - Explore Your Fantasies!


In general: The more adjectives you use, the nastier the sex.


RomanticI want to kiss your soft lips.


CheekyI want to kiss your soft, delicious lips before unzipping your pants.


NastyI want to kiss your soft, delicious lips before unbuttoning your tight pants to feel how wet you are between your gorgeous legs.


Reference back to a moment with the person you’re sexting.


“I loved when your hands were exploring my body last night.” “My favourite shirt smells like you ;-).”


Taunt or tease- i.e. “I just went lingerie shopping.”


“Just read about this wild new sex position. Game?”


“Hopping into a soapy bubble bath… thinking of you.”


We also suggest introducing the ‘would you let me’ game into your sexting.


“Would you ever let me blindfold you?”


“I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be tied up….”


Once the conversation is open, giving sexy details back and forth becomes easy. Details and descriptors matter, so offering details that will help conjure visuals is excellent. If you’re comfortable with it, sharing pics that progress as the conversation goes is also hot.


Good luck and stay safe! 


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Funtasia Penrith Sexpert

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