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April 09, 2021

Are nipple orgasms real?
Why does it feel good when my nipples are played with?
Do men like their nipples to be played with?
Why are nipples so sensitive?

So much about pornography and our sexual expectations focuses on what lies south of the beltline. With such an intense focus on the genitals, it makes you wonder why there is so much sexualization surrounding breasts.

There are many reasons, Lovers and Lusters! 

Several recent studies have shown that there is a lot of erotic and sexual stimulation derived from breast and nipple play, and even that many can experience an orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. 

Today we’ll be focusing onthree separate but interlocking aspects of the breasts. 

The actual breast tissue makes up the vast majority of the boob.

The areola. The round or ovular shaped portion of the nipple-area. Typically it is a different colour than the rest of the breast. It features several small bumps known as theMontgomery glands

Then, of course, the nipples themselves, the raised and pointed portion of the breasts. 

The Science Behind Nipple Pleasure

Recently, sexual science has begun taking a genuine interest in the pleasure derived from nipple play. Yes, this applies to both male and female bodies. However, the majority of the studies did focus on vulva-owners. Therefore, that is what we will focus on here. 

Astudy in 2011 published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine sought to understand how the brain responds to stimulation of the nipples, the vagina, and the cervix. The results that came back were surprising. 

Stimulation of any of the three areasshowed a response similar to the genital-sensing parts of the brain. 

Although these responses showed up in similar brain areas, they showed up in distinct spaces all their own.

According to astudy published in 2019, the Nipple-Areola Complex (N.A.C.) can provide as much as 80% of women with sexual satisfaction or improved contentment after 30 minutes of stimulation.

This2006 study looked at both men and women and their nipples. The results found were:

  • Stimulation of breasts/nipples caused or enhanced arousal
    • Men: 51.7%
    • Women: 81.5%

  • When sexually aroused, nipple manipulation increased their arousal
    • Men: 39%
    • Women: 78.2%

  • Those who directly asked for nipple stimulation during sex:
    • Men: 17.1%
    • Women: 59.1%

  • Those who reported that nipple stimulationdecreased their arousal:
    • Men: 7.5%
    • Women: 7.2%

It’s fair to say that many people enjoy nipple play. However, not everyone will muster up the courage to ask for it. 

Are Nipple Orgasms Real?

Yes, nipple orgasms do exist! Whiletechnically everyone could experience a nipple orgasm, not everyone has or will in their lifetimes.

The nipples, especially for women, are densely packed with nerves, meaning they’re super sensitive. Whether or not playing with your breasts alone can bring you to orgasm, they can undoubtedly heighten your sexual satisfaction! 

We have a few tips for how to up your nipple-play game the next time you’re getting sexy alone or with a partner.

D.I.Y. Nipple Orgasm

Set the Mood

Whether you’re by yourself, do whatever makes you feel sexy. Turn down the lights, put something sexy on, light some candles, turn on music, whatever makes you feel sensual and desirable. 


Lay back wherever you are and relax. Take the time to connect with your body and the sensations it feels. We suggest taking a few minutes to meditate or massage yourself to unite your mind and body. 

Get Turned-On

Once you feel connected and content, start creating a fantasy in your mind. Fantasies, especially when you are the centre of attention, can help with the arousal process.

Take Your Time & Play

As with most things in our erotic lives, it takes time and practice to figure out precisely what you like. Before touching the nipple itself, try massaging your chest or breasts, focusing on the underside first before moving to the rest of the tissue. Massage, pinch, or do whatever feels good to you.

Move along to the areolas and nipples slowly but surely, playing with yourself in any way that feels good to you.

If you don’t feel like this is doing the job, consider using abreast pump to sensitize you further. You can also incorporate some lotion, massage oils or any form of aromatherapy that heightens your feelings of arousal.

Don’t Stop There

While you may be enthusiastic about experiencing a nipple orgasm for the first time, don’t pressure yourself into expecting it on the first go! Adding in sensations and pleasures from your regular solo-sex routines, such as playing with your vulva or penis, can help heighten your arousal or lead to a combination orgasm.

With a Partner?

Rinse and Repeat

The first steps we outlined above, creating the mental space for you to feel sexy, desirable and comfortable, is critical for upping your pleasure game. 

Unique Ways to Stimulate Nipples

Don’t rely on your hands and fingers alone! You or your partner’s mouth is a potent tool at your disposal. Licking,gently nibbling, sucking and even using your breath on the nipples can heighten your already titillating experience.

Taking Things to the Next Level

Want even more from your nipple play experience? Try rubbing your breasts and nipples with an ice cube, somenipple clamps, anipple pump, massaging with oils or lotions, or even stimulating your nipples with your favouritevibrator

We hope this has inspired you to experiment with your nipple game! Take things up a notch and keep experimenting!

Get out there, Get in there, and Get off there!

Elaine S. Turner

Sex Coach, Sexuality Educator, & Sexual Wellness Brand Consultant

4 min read

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