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February 17, 2021

Mardi Gras Guide for 2021

Great News! The Annual Sydney Mardi Gras 2021 is still on!

Where is Mardi Gras held for 2021?

This year the glittery, outrageous and glamour parade will be held at the Sydney Cricket Ground.  It’s the first time ever that the parade has been showcased in this way and no doubt it will not change the essence of what the Mardi Gras is all about, which is celebrating freedom and being free to be whoever you want to be.

When is Mardi Gras this year?

Mardi Gras will be held on Saturday 6th February 2021

Is there social distance at Mardi Gras due to Covid-19? Yes, as usual there are public gathering restrictions. Please check on the NSW Health Website for more details.

This 2021 will be the Mardi Gras parades 43rd year and no pandemic is going to rain on the parade.  Even though the venue may have changed and the crowds will be placed differently then years before but the parties and parading will be even better then ever and Funtasia the Adult Shop will be here to provide all the party goodies to make sure you can celebrate Mardi Gras in style.

We have collated some items that have been popular during Mardi Gras that you may want to complete This years celebrations:

Sexy Costumes

Of course! The number one request when Mardi Gras is coming to town. We have a large range of very sexy and raunchy costumes that will bring the inner you out there for all to see. From sexy police, firemen, nurse uniforms to the sexy show girls stripper outfits to totally complete your look that you are after.

Foxtails and masque is also a costume favourite for those who want to make a statement. Our Foxtails and Masque come in a range of colours, styles and added sparkle and glamour just to suit the occasion. 

If you want extra surprises to add onto your costumes like fluffy cuffs, whips and chains then Funtasia the Adult Shop definitely got you covered!

Bondage Accessories

Mardi Gras brings out peoples confidence and this confidence wants to be seen out there amongst the crowd.  So down the BDSM aisle they come grabbing numerous accessories we offer.

Whips in many styles, colours and materials you desire.  Restraints to show you can over someone or be over powered  and these come in many different styles like leather, chains, ropes, for the bed or even for door knobs whichever you fancy. 

Collars and leashes has been growing in popularity and Funtasia has a wide selection of collars and leashes to suit any fetish going on. From metal, stainless steel, leather, vinyl and also decorated with all the bling bling you desire.

So if you want to dominate amongst the crowd and show your inner power, then check Funtasia BDSM range out.

Party Needs and Cake Moulds

If you are celebrating at home  or gathering at a venue and you want to add some cheeky fun to the table then check out our Adult party range. 

Funtasia the adult shop party range has a range of disposable straws, cups and plates  to add that  little fun to the table.

Cup cake moulds in some very  explicit body parts to add an element of surprise to your guest and to finish off there are a range of Adult drinking games, board games, sex games, adult sex games and sex card games to party the night away and have a great time.

Only a few weeks to go until the Mardi Gras comes to town! So get glittered up, sparkled up and glammed up for the occasion with Funtasia the Adult Shop for all things Adult.

Guide to Mardi Gras After Party

For the all those who plan to have a big sex after parties then you need to come down to Funtasia the Adult shop. We have a huge range of sex toys and adult toys for all your desire. 

The most popular sex toys for parties in store is the Cow Girl Rodeo Ride on Sex Machine. Very similar to the sybian saddle sex machine and it can hold up to 180kgs so if you and your partner can both sit on it and come together. 

Some of the most popular purchase for a crazy sex party includes :

  • A jumbo size bottle of lube like the 5kg  Wet Stuff Vitamin E lubricant
  • Sex Swings for sex games, you can purchase this sex swings online here
  • Condoms- this is a must for all sex party. We have a huge range on condoms online here
  • Delay Sprays - to make the party last longer, we have a huge range of sprays and cream you can use to make you have longer lasting sex if you are too excited
  • Sex Games - Adult games and sex games is the most popular items to bring along to a sex parties or to have at a sex party. It a good ice breaker, it gets everyone in the mood
  • Sex toys like vibratorsand anal toys - Sex toys is always popular at sex parties but remember to not share sex toys unless you use a new condom every time you share it or use it. 
  • Strap on sex toys - Female Strap on or hollow strap on is good sex parties as everyone can use it. Both male and female can use  a strap on. Its very popular with pegging and girl on girl sex.

However you are celebrating Funtasia has got you covered to complete your Mardi Gras celebration! 

If you want more information on sex toys or sexual related question please contact our in our Clinical Sexologist Elaine S Turner by send us a message here at Contact Us. Or simply drop into our sex shop, please check with us when Elaine is on for a free friendly chat.

Click here for more information on the Mardi Gras Organisation website.

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