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May 29, 2017

Lisa Ann FleshLight review results

Finally we have some result for our best seller the Lisa Ann FleshLight To have the best result we are using a warming lubricant (either swiss navy or four season) this will give you that warm sensation upon entry. Have her lips lubricated, I start my descend with my hard cock touching the soft vagina lips. The silicone on this FleshLight is amazing, a medical grade silicone provides a very soft texture which makes any man would think its a real pussy if they closed your eyes. Upon entry there are thousands of soft bristles that hugs me tight and brushes from the tip of all along the way down as I go deeper into this warm and wet tunnel. I was surprise how nice and tight her vagina are made, it is also designed to stretch to a point where it just fits my cock perfectly. The intensity continues as if I was in another world having sex with Lisa Ann, at this point I can no longer hold it, I have to release the beast in myself and finish with the biggest orgasm of my life into my favorite porn star. The cleaning up was very simple, just run it under water and add a little sex toy cleaner. I will be back with Tera Patrick's and delay spray review results shortly. Mr BIG

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