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June 27, 2021


Most people are familiar with the toy brand LELO, stocked in all Funtasia Adult Stores. It is a brand that’s been around since 2002; that’s 19 years! They are very popular for their quality and have brought class to sex toys.

The LELO LOKI WAVE was initially designed to be a male prostate massager, and it has that classic rabbit shape with a twist. Instead of looking like a traditional rabbit, it has more of an L shape to stimulate the prostate and the perineum (taint or gooch) simultaneously.

The shaft has a bulge to give that nice full feeling and make it easier to stimulate the prostate gland. The ears sit nicely along the perineum and acts as an anchor for the toy to stay in place.

Now here is where the ‘wave’ comes in. the LELO LOKI WAVE has ten different settings to choose between. One of the main ones is the wave which is a back-and-forth kind of motion. For example, imagine holding your hand flat and telling someone to ‘come here. The wave effectively massages the prostate and can also vibrate with several different patterns and speeds.

The fantastic thing about this toy is that it is not just limited to men! We can 100% confirm it works as a g-spot massager as well for women! Obviously, for hygiene reasons, this toy can’t be used for both unless a condom is used, but how amazing would that be to have a toy that works for you AND your partner?

The LELO LOKI WAVE is also extremely easy to use and navigate. The user interface can be found on the handle and clearly shows arrows to go through the different patterns and a + and – for intensity settings. Choose from different vibrations, go up and down in power, and you can have vibrations with or without the wave!

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