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May 31, 2017

Indian god delay spray reviews

Another day another delay spray review. Its time for the Indian God spray from From the outside its only a small bottle (15ml) and very easy to use. Like most delay spray its best to spray on the tip of your penis then rub it until desolved a good 45 to 60 min before sex. I have used other delay sprays on the market before and had some bad experience with numbness. There was once I was numbed for over 3 hours using this spray while I was in Thailand. The first 10 mins after using the Indian God I can feel a slightly numbness and tingling on the tip of my penis but realised that it went away after the 30min mark. Although the numbness is still there which is what I expected but its a quite enjoyable feeling having my girlfriend massaging the Indian God spray on for me. Here comes the action, upon entry the tip of my penis is numbed but I can still feel every sensation during sex. This spray is amazing, after 15 mins I can still going strong and it seems like I can push it harder. 25 mins passed and the Indian God delay spray live up to its name. Only god can stop me now, for over 2 years I can only go pass the 20min mark with tablets but the indian god helped me to last longer during sex. Before you know it I saw my target, lock and loaded and empty my cartridge at around 45mins which is good for someome like myself normally last about 10mins. 1. Numbness 4/10 2. Duration 45min 3. Value for money 10/10 4. Side affects 2/10 numbness last for an extra 30min after sex 5. Ease of applications 10/10 Overall I do recommended the Indian God delay spray as it increases my time during sex over 300% Indian god is available at fantasia for only $29.95

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