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May 17, 2021

My Partner's Penis is TOO BIG

Many women and men had never gone all the way with their partner because of how they brought up maybe its religions or faith. They believe it was wrong for a couple to have sex before they were engaged.
In the 21st Century, society has changed since then and have just started to explore sexuality before marriage. One of the primary concerns of many virgins is the size of the penis.
A penis will seem huge to someone who has never had sex or those already sexually active then came across a large penis. Does the size mean that sex will be complicated?
First of all, they can't see what basis they're making the judgment that this man's penis is so significant for virgins. After all, virgins are very inexperienced. It might just appear that way because they imagine a vagina to be small. Please bear in mind that a woman's vagina can stretch enough to let a baby out, so it can't be that tiny!
A large penis can be either a blessing or a curse. As you are still a virgin, you say you are 'inexperienced'. You are you should take things gently for a while.
It is safe practice to suggest enlarging the vaginal opening gently with fingers first before a man goes anywhere near his penis. You could start on this yourself in the bath or when you masturbate if you do.
If you intend to have intercourse, be sure he spends a lot of time arousing you first and that he has stretched your vagina or anus if you are going for anal sex with his fingers before having intercourse for the first time.
It's also sensible to be sure that you are fully aroused, relaxed and very wet when it does come to penetration, either naturally or with a commercial lubricant such as Jo Premium Lubricant.
You and your partner can also look at using sex toys to stimulate and get aroused before penetration. There are plenty of small dildos that can be used during foreplay to expand the vagina and get it ready for a large penis penetration. 
Dildos comes in different size and shapes, start with a smallest dildo first then gradually increase the size. You can also buy a set of 3 dildos as a dildo kit to start. The best seller dildo kit is the Tri Play silicone Dildo for $89.95 at Funtasia the Adult Shop.
For vaginal sex, it is recommended to use a Natural Lubricant that is paraffin and glycerine free and for Anal sex, use a premium anal sex lubricantlike a Swiss Navy Anal Lube and an Anal Comfort Spray.
In general, women say they enjoy a thick penis rather than a long one. Few women like exceptionally deep penetration because it hurts. What they do like, though, is their vaginal opening to be stretched and a thick penis best achieves this.

His Penis is Bent

The penis comes in different shapes and size. Some penis can be bent on a slight angle when aroused. The problem is that when a penis goes all bent when it gets stimulated. It sounds silly, but the best description is that it looks like a banana. Should this require a visit to a doctor?
A visit to the doctor might make sense if you are concern or experience pain when aroused or during intercourse.
A condition mainly affects older men called Peyronie's disease, after the 18th-century surgeon who first described it. It is still widespread in society for men to have a bent penis. About 70% of men have a slight bend when erect.
It results from penile injury. During sleep, intercourse or masturbation, severe stresses in the penis can rupture one of its two inflatable blood 'balloons' (corpora).
Apparently, ruptures are very rare, but things like straining to penetrate with a half-erect penis, or missing the target entirely with a big thrust, can cause internal injury, which then scars as it heals.
As the body lays down plaques of scar tissue, the penis gets more and more bent and narrowed at that point.
Prevention is better than cure, of course, but what can be done? The key thing is to be careful during penetration. Ensure that his penis is snugly in the vaginal opening before thrusting. This will avoid a misfit that could damage his penis further.
Using plenty of lubrication is also vital with a bent penis.
A position to watch out for during penetration with a bent penis is the woman on top positions be taken very carefully as it's so easy for you to mis-align yourself and then bend or twist his penis, further worsening the condition.
There is a hollow strap-on with a harness in adult shops he could try to use. The hollow strap on harness comes with a hard case dildo where he can insert his penis into the hollow dildo for penetration. It's a good idea to buy a large hollow strap on the dildo so the bent penis can fit better.
The best position for a bent penis is missionary or the bend over position.
Please visit your doctor if you have any concerns.
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