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October 14, 2023

A common question we are asked in-store is: how do I find the best-fitting condom? Quite simply, condoms come in many shapes and sizes, so finding the right fit can be tricky. It is important to find the right fit as doing so will help you have a better and safer sex life.

How do you measure up?

The first step to finding the best condom size is to measure the penis. To do this, you can use a ruler, measuring tape, or a piece of string. For the most accurate results, measurements should be taken whilst the penis is erect. If a condom does not cover the entire penis, it will not provide complete protection.

Use the following steps to take an accurate measurement of the penis:

  1. Measure the length from the base of the penis, where the penis meets the pelvis, to the end of the tip.
  2. Use a piece of string or a flexible measuring tape. Wrap it around the thickest part of the penis, which is usually near the middle of the shaft. If using string, mark where the string crosses and measure the distance with a ruler.

To find the best fit for you, you will need both measurements as manufacturers base condom sizes on both length and width measurements. All quality brands will have a sizing chart available on their website so that you can easily determine a likely fit. In addition, the packaging will usually state the contained condoms’ dimensions.

Safety first!

Condoms are still the most effective way to safeguard against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).  Condoms that are too small may break, and condoms that are too big can slip off the penis.

Follow these simple rules and you will be able to keep yourself and your playmate(s) as safe as possible:

  • Avoid novelty condoms. These are typically designed for stimulation rather than protection.
  • Always read the label. Not all condoms are created equal!
  • Avoid natural condoms. Whilst often used as an alternative to latex, they often don’t protect against STIs. Try polyurethane condoms instead if this is a concern.
  • Use lubricated condoms. Lubrication on the outside of the condom reduces friction during sex and helps prevent the condom from either slipping off or breaking during sex.
  • Do not use oil-based lubricants. Oils, such as baby oil, lotions, or petroleum jelly, can cause the condom to break.
  • Check the expiry date. An expired condom is more likely to break.
  • Be aware of how the condom has been stored. It is quite common for people to store condoms in a wallet; this can expose them to friction and heat which can cause weakness or tears.

How to use a condom correctly

Condoms are most effective when used correctly. Most condoms are longer than they need to be. If you find that there is too much roll at the base, then you may need a snugger fit. If there is no roll left, then you will require a larger condom.


Follow these simple steps to ensure maximum safety and pleasure:

  1. Check the expiration date on the package.
  2. Make sure the condom is still intact. Make sure the wrapper is intact. If the condom itself is torn or shows signs of damage, do not use it, and discard it immediately.
  3. Carefully open the wrapper. Avoid using teeth or ripping the package forcefully, as this can tear the condom.
  4. Make sure the rim is facing the outside so that it is possible to roll the condom over the penis.
  5. Pinch the tip of the condom and place it on the head of the erect penis. Pinching the tip removes excess air and allows extra space at the top to collect semen.
  6. Roll the condom down the shaft to the base of the penis.
  7. After ejaculation, hold the base of the condom while pulling out. Doing this will prevent it from falling off.
  8. Carefully remove the condom, tie a knot at the open end, and throw it in the trash.

I just don’t like the way they feel…

We often hear that either party just doesn’t like the way a condom feels. However, condoms come in such a variety these days that it can just be a matter of experimenting and working out what works best for you.

We recommend trying a few different types of condoms out and having an honest conversation with your partner as to which felt most enjoyable and comfortable for you both.


Poor-fitting condoms can also feel uncomfortable during sex. A condom that fits properly will make sex feel SO much better. The best condom is the one that both you and your partner feel most confident and comfortable with.

If the condom is too small, you’re going to restrict blood flow which is uncomfortable, restricts sensation, and can even be somewhat painful at climax. If the condom is too big, it’s going to slide around and again – impact sensation.

If you feel that a condom is a distraction either in the sensation or comfort, then chances are it’s not the right one for you. Once you find the condom that works for you, it’ll quite literally transform how you feel and enable you to enjoy safe sex without distraction.

Our final note…

Another great thing about using condoms is they can be used to desensitize the penis. Some women struggle to orgasm with penetration alone. Therefore, you may want to consider using condoms that enhance the woman’s pleasure further. Here at Funtasia, we also carry a variety of premium textured condoms to add a little something extra to your play sessions.

Come on into one of our three locations to see how we can help you find that perfect fit!


Penrith Sexpert

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