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March 28, 2021


What is the G-Spot?

Where is the G-spot?

Does the G-Spot Exist? 

What are some G-spot Sex Positions?

What are some G-spot Sex Toys? 

Lovers and Lusters, we know you've heard about the G-spot before. 

It is common knowledge that this is a female powerhouse of pleasure. However, many people struggle to find and understand it, which is normal! Many people still deny its existence. 

Today, we're going to dive in and learn a little more about the G-spot, why it can be hard to find, and what it can do for you.

What is the G-spot?

Originally named after the man who "discovered" it by writing about it in a medical journal. DrErnst Graftenberg wrote in 1950 about "an erotic zone [that] could be demonstrated on the anterior wall of the vagina along the course of the urethra." However, this medical discovery wasn't acknowledged much until the famousBeverly Whipple recognised the power of the "come hither" motion for stimulating this area.

She named the spot after the man who originally wrote about it rather than calling it "The Whipple Tickle", as some people tried to name it.

Since then, people have been either trying to find it to prove it exists or trying to disprove that there is such a wonderful area inside the female body.

For those who do acknowledge its existence, it is recognised as a way to experiencefemale ejaculation. It is also widely believed that it evolved to help womencope with pain during childbirth. 

Where is the G-spot?

You can find the G-spot only about 3-8 centimetres inside the vaginal canal, so almost any penis size can reach it.

If you're a vulva owner, lay down on your back and stimulate yourself in a pleasurable way (this will help find it.) Once you're aroused, insert a finger or two into your vagina and curve your fingers up towards your belly button. For some people, it's higher up. For some, it's lower down. Everybody is unique, so don't feel discouraged if this takes some time and exploration.

You're feeling for a slightly different texture. Some say it feels like a vein, and some say it's a whole area that feels like an orange peel. It is going to vary widely from person to person. Feel for a difference in texture, all the while performing a "come hither" motion with your fingers to try and experience the sensations that the G-spot can provide.

Now, if you can't find the area or don't feel anything different, don't worry! Some people are just less sensitive than others around the G-spot. There are plenty of other pleasure points that we'll discuss in a later article. 

    G-spot Orgasms & Squirting

Not every person will experience a G-spot orgasm or find their G-spot at all. Don't fret! You're not missing out on anything. Worrying about your G-spot can take away from your sexual pleasure and experience. Maybe today isn't the day, but perhaps tomorrow is! So long as you are engaging in satisfying and pleasurable sexual activities, then that is all that you need.

Many people who experience G-spot orgasms report that they can often lead to female ejaculation, known more commonly as "squirting." According to this recent article byPlanned Parenthood, only about 10% of women reported squirting from G-spot stimulation. 

Suppose you want to try to experience female ejaculation. In that case, we suggest that you try using a toy that has a vibrating clitoral arm and a longer, insertable piece that does the "come hither" motion or something similar, we suggest theNora by Lovense.

If you are trying to experience orgasm from the G-spot and feel the urge to urinate, don't worry! That usually indicates that you're about to ejaculate. This is because the G-spot is found in an area called theurethral sponge, which means it is connected to the urethral network (where pee comes out) of nerve endings. 

Excellent G-spot Stimulating Positions

Want to try stimulating your G-spot during sex? We have a few positions to tickle your fancy that we think are worth a try! These positions will assume that it is a heteronormative male and female relationship. Adjust them so they reflect your body and your relationship.

    Legs Up & Together

With the female partner lying on her back, have your male partner enter you as he would in the classic missionary position. Ask the male partner to sit upon his knees. The female partner should put her legs together and upon one of his shoulders, allowing for deeper penetration and significant leverage. This should allow the female partner to adjust as necessary to find the G-spot.

    Girl on Top

We all know and love this position! Lay the man on his back and climb up on top and slide yourself down on his penis. This way, you're entirely in charge and can explore which angle suits you and your G-spot best.

    Face Down

Had a long day and still want to maximise your sexual pleasure? In this one, the woman lays down on her stomach and tightly closes her legs. The penetrating partner should come from behind and slide inside (you may need to stick your butt up in the air a little) with his legs spread wide apart. This will allow for easy G-spot stimulation and a super tight feeling for the penetrating partner.

Best Toys for G-spot Stimulation

Contrary to standard toy design and popular belief, most vulva-owners do not want vibration on their G-spot! This area is very particular about what kind of sensations feel best, which is why theLovense OSCI 2 Oscillating G-spot Vibrator is a great option.

The shape of theRosy Gold G-spot vibrator is ideal for stimulating the G-spot. You also have the option to use the vibrator or not, totally up to you!

TheWomanizer Duo is also a great option. While yes, it does vibrate on the G-spot, you'll find that this pairs beautifully with the sucking action of the clitoral head.

Get out there, Get in there, and Get off there!

Elaine S. Turner

Sex Coach, Sexuality Educator, Sexual Wellness Brand Consultant

4 min read

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