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January 15, 2024

Going to a Swingers Party or Club is a popular New Years Resolution, but what should I expect?

First of all - congratulations! It can be hard to try new things and that fabulous mix of excitement and anticipation sometimes feels like anxiety. Let us help ease that by addressing some of the common questions about Swingers Parties and Swingers Clubs.

What to expect

Attending your first Swingers Party can be overwhelming but many people have been exactly where you are right now.
A lot of clubs have Newbies Nights or social drinks as a way to break the ice. These events have been designed with you in mind, they are an opportunity to meet other people that are curious in a relaxed environment. Sometimes these social nights are at a local wine bar, sometimes they are hosted by a local Swingers Club earlier in the evening before a party starts.

What to wear

Wear something that you feel comfortable and sexy in. If you don’t usually wear high heels, don’t feel like you have to break your ankle to fit in! Lingerie and sneakers or boots are a whole look, and nothing feels as sexy as confidence.

You don’t have to strip down if you’re not comfortable, but it’s nice to give yourself some options.

  • Comfortable coverage - a sexy bodysuit and your favourite pair of jeans
  • Cocktail dress, sexy stockings, and a le wand vibrating necklace
  • A fresh pair of trunks or jocks that present your package like the gift it could be

What to bring with you

Satisfaction is guaranteed with some careful preparation.

Our wonderful Sexperts recommend taking:

  • Your favourite toys (all charged up and ready to go) - not sure what to take? This is a great grab and go pack!
  • Preferred lube - water-based is best for easy clean-up
  • Toy and Body Wipes - fresh and convenient!
  • Bag - a little toy bag is surprisingly handy at keeping everything safe and together, especially if the lid of your lube isn't quite closed!

Feeling cheeky? Take a remote control toy and play with your partner from across the crowded room.

Remember, you don’t have to participate in anything at all to enjoy your time at a Swingers Party - you can simply enjoy the atmosphere, flirt, and take all of that sexy energy home for a hot affair with your lover!

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