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April 05, 2020

Best couple sex toys

I’m back again for another session, today will be looking at couples’ toy. Since we are all at home during this COVID-19 what is better to do then have sex and lots of it.

Sex has proven to burn calories and procedure endorphins, both products are very good for our body. So why not, just do it.

In this session we will be looking at the two hot selling couple toys to date!

We Vibe Sync

LELO Tiani 2

Without a doubt, LELO and We Vibe are the very high-end range of sex toy products on the market. The quality is amazing with all the latest technology include along with quick charge and long-life battery. You cannot go wrong.

Why would I need a Couple’s sex Toy?

The more the merrier. Two is always better then one. You can kick back and let you partner go down on you and it feels great but what about him? That’s why there is position 69, everyone wins.

Just like a couple toy, it stimulates both him and her. Gives you both the most intense sex session you will ever have. You orgasm will be explosive. Multiple orgasm is no longer a myth but a reality.

Both we vibe sync and LELO Tiani 2 design is sleek and luxurious. Made from high quality premium medical grade silicone, waterproof and rechargeable along with a super quiet vibration motor.

Discreet and silent designs

You don’t have to worry about the kids hearing the vibrator like some of the older classic vibrators.

Its slim fitting design allows your partner to fit inside with it and feel the sensation that you are experience, a bonus is that his penis will push the vibration module against your G Spot on the inside and the outside will just sit on top of the clitoris.

This give you a feeling of double stimulation, feels like you are having a threesome every time without the guilt.

The orgasm is so intense I can’t even describe it. Imagine you are so horny after a few months without sex, a porn star walks through the door, lift your skirt and slide your panties to one side and slide it inside you until you have orgasm after orgasm.

What is better is both couple’s sex toys have a remote control. You can be the captain with the power in your palm.

You can start on the slow settings and increase to maximum intense power just before both of you climax together.

How can I fit a couple’s sex toy with out it moving around?

With the cheaper makes on the market its very hard to keep it in placed. We Vibe Sync and LELO Tiani have purposely design and made so this problem would not happen. Once you wear it on, it stays there and its fully adjustable to your personal size.

Connect with your long distant relationship partner

Yes, now you can have sexual relationship over Bluetooth and wireless. With the build in app you can connect with your partner and they can control all the function of the sex toy so you both can enjoy.

With video chat, you can have virtual cybersex.

Dont forget to use a good personal lubricant like the Swiss Navy water based for better sexual experience when using couples sex toys

Discreet sex toy design and ease of storage

Design like a horseshoe shaped with vibrant colours and a charging hub to store away. You can tell that it’s a couple’s vibrator.

Both devices come with warranty so you can go wrong.


Overall based on price, design, performance and useability I give it a 9/10

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