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April 15, 2022

Love is a funny thing, It can be completely platonic, it can be obsessive, and it can be deeply sensual and satisfying. We help everyday Aussies experience the latter kind of intimacy; within themselves and others, and are dedicated to making them feel good in any way we can.

This guide will help you understand the connection between love and intimacy, and likely spark some ideas on how to fuse the two together in your own life. Have a read and think about how your love life is tracking – then look for ways to enrich and create unforgettable moments.

Love and be loved

Self-love is important for so many things. Most of the time, we look to others for adoration, intimacy, and appreciation. The trouble is that if we don’t already have those elements within ourselves, no amount of attention from others will be enough.

That’s true for both mind and body. Accepting perfect imperfections gives off a confidence that’s just plain sexy - as is knowing your own body.

Explorations of your most intimate zones help you discover what feels good, what you enjoy doing during sex, and where you’re most sensitive. You can do that either by using fingers or with the help of sex toys like vibrators and masturbators. Once you know what makes you tick over and over again, playmates will know exactly what to do to get you off during sex. Try it and see what happens.

Turn-ons start in the mind

Seduction is an art-form worth mastering. With a look, a touch, a swish of the hips, or a few sultry words whispered in the ear, you can immediately spark your partner’s lust, and be rewarded with mind-blowing orgasms. The trick is to work out what turns your partner on, and then find creative ways to do those things in your day-to-day life.

Surprise is your best friend in these situations. It could be as simple as slipping on a new set of sexy lingerie and giving him a peek before going out or whispering all the naughty things you’ll do to him/her once your next order or bondage and fetish gear arrives. It all depends on what your partner’s into, and how well you can play the game.

Discover the body’s erogenous zones

Knowing the pleasure centres of the body gives you an added advantage during sex. If your partner hasn’t yet explored their body fully, you can help them uncover new sensations they never knew they could feel; deepening the connection through play.

It’s worth noting that men and women have different erogenous zones due to the different organs on their bodies. However, areas like the nipples, lips, and ears can be turn-ons for both genders.

Below the belt is where the greatest differences lie. For women, the areas with the highest concentrations of nerve endings are the clitoris, g-spot, and A-spot (close to the cervix).

For men, it’s the penis (especially the tip), the prostate, the perianal and the scrotum. Remember that everyone’s wired differently, and what tips one person over the edge might not work for another.  

Above all else, always communicate, have fun, and don’t be afraid to introduce couple’s sex toys into the relationship to deepen intimacy even further!

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