Warranty & Returns

Return Policies and Procedures

Funtasia the Adult Shop offers a faulty product warranty on all products, which is valid for 14 days from the date the product leaves our warehouse.
If the product is found to be faulty, it will be replaced with the same product. If we cannot replace the product, we will offer you the option of choosing another product of the same value, or provide you with a refund for the total value of the product.

We suggest that you retain the products display packaging for the warranty period as we ask you to include the display packaging with the returned product.

Our insurance policies require photos to enable us to make a claim for damage caused to a package in transit. If you receive an item that is damaged and wish to receive a replacement please email photos of both the damaged item and the packaging, together with your claim so we may process it promptly.

Your satisfaction is important to us but we do not offer a satisfaction guarantee on any of our products, however we will do our utmost to keep our customers happy and satisfied.

It is the customer's responsibility to return the faulty product together with it's display packaging. The replacement product will be sent out to you, at no charge, within 5 working days.


Replacement and refunds under warranty do not apply if the product or batteries have not been installed, operated and maintained in accordance with any instruction provided with the product.

If the product has been used in a manner other than for which it is designed.

To the extent permissible by law, warranties will only apply to products used for personal/private use. Using products purchased from Funtasia for commercial use will void the warranty.

Procedures for Warranty Claims

You must advise us by email within the 14 day warranty period together with a detailed description of the problem.
Our customer service team will then evaluate the problem and reply with a solution or instructions for the return of the product.

If the product is to be returned, it is a condition of warranty that you securely pack the faulty product together with it's display packaging to:

TJ & R Investments
1037A Victoria Rd
West Ryde
NSW  2114

When returning you product, please make sure you include your full name, your order number and also a contact phone number if different from the one you may have already given us. This will help us to resolve the issue quickly, should we need to contact you.

Before Returning Your Adult Toy

Our customer service team may ask you to follow some simple testing points:
Make sure you are using the correct batteries.
Make sure that the batteries have been installed correctly.
Try new batteries.
Make sure the battery connectors are not wet or have moisture.

Helpful Tips in Looking After Your Adult Toys

Never use any toy that is NOT waterproof in the shower or bath. Do not allow water into the battery compartment of ANY toy. Always make sure your waterproof toy is TIGHTLY closed before immersing in liquid.

Remove the batteries when the toy is not in use.

Make sure that your toy is turned off when not in use.

Duracell or Coppertop batteries sometimes do not work in adult toys. Extra heavy duty batteries are recommended.

Always use rubber compatible lubricant with your toy. Oil and Vaseline are NOT COMPATIBLE and can cause damage to latex based materials including condoms. Silicone lubricant is not suitable for use with silicone toys, as it can cause the material to deteriorate. Water based lubes are the safest to use with all products.

Toys made from Cyberskin, Loveclone, Jel-Lee and similar materials require the use of talc to maintain their lifelike texture. After washing your toy, allow to air dry completely and coat all surfaces with unscented talc or corn flour. Always store toys made from jelly or lifelike materials separately from each other and from latex rubber toys, as contact with each other can cause colors to bleed and the deterioration of the material.

Should you have any questions or need any more information, our customer service team are pleased to help. Click here for contact details.