• Love Swing
Fully adjustable sex harness for a swinging time!  Hundreds of position combinations for one or two people. Installation is easy, with no special tools required. Features fully adjustable self-tightening buckles with extra-wide nylon straps for maximum comfort. Soft padded stirrups for feet, ankles, calves or thighs, and a padded torque support bar for added leverage. Soft padded back and butt supports are fully adjustable. Comes with instruction manual that includes love positions and installation instructions.
Some of the hundreds of uses for the Love Swing include:
Masturbation: Perfect for masturbation with or without a partner, stirrups keep legs up and apart effortlessly. Swing comfortably while you give or recieve pleasure. Steel spring lets you bounce on any device placed beneath you. Hands-free usage permits more imagination.
Oral sex: The Love Swing's versatility adds variety to your oral pleasures. Freedom of movement allows you to me more creative and spontaneous. Use your tounge, mouth and nose in ways your love has never before experienced. More comfortable positions for reclining, sitting or kneeling. Steel spring adds bounce for added pleasure.
Intercorse: Stand, squat, sit or recline - The Love Swing lets you do anything! Adjustable straps allow a variety of angles, making difficult positions easy. Use the torque support bar for greater leverage during sex. Spring adds elastic energy creating faster and more forceful penetration. Free-swinging advantage allows deeper penetration and pleasure. Swing your partner from one position to the next while maintaining the mood. Spin your partner around for 360 degrees of pleasure.

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Love Swing

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